Behind The Spark of Modern Abstract Art

By Ava Brown, December 28, 2015

Fine art lovers are picky, that’s something I am able to say loud and proud and I will stand behind this statement at all times. Sometimes we do it purely for the sake of the argument and sometimes we judge, pick and choose based on what we truly know, feel and behold, but I haven’t been acquainted with greater artistic controversies that those created around the notion of modern abstract art and its purpose in the art world.


Almost everyone agrees that it looks simply divine and I’ve seen more than enough people that are on the opposite side of the artistically aware chart, starring and drooling over a fine piece of modern abstract art simply because it looks so darn cool, enlivening and chic and yet, sparks of opposing notions have always been present among the beholders of these incredibly intriguing canvas expressions.

The controversy itself is the main factor to blame for artists being so touchy on the subject regarding the true beauty and meaning of modern abstract. These paintings are so intensely susceptible to criticism, but also to acceptance, due to their nature which allows for the viewer to be taken on a unique visual journey. No matter how hard they try, nobody can ever describe a piece of fine modern abstract art the same way as the painter has, that is for sure.

Those who criticize this style, often say that the freedom, lack of from and structure in general is not to be admired as much as the old-fashioned genres of fine art. However, a penny for the thought of those standing behind each unique piece unveils something quite the opposite of that.

Just as jazz music largely differs from pop in its freedom of chordal relationships, it is easy to note that that freedom is able to put even bigger limitations on the artist themselves. Why and how? Well, imagine that you have a clear guidance on how to build a Lego house and you have all the parts needed for that, you know what is expected and how it’s supposed to look and everybody will see the exact same thing.

modern abstract art

Yes, you will strive towards precision and that will be the hardest part, but at the end, the project will be there, understandable and open to a much narrower path of constructive criticism. But, when greater freedom is applied, you feel as if you need to create and construct something appealing from scratch and that kind of pressure simply cannot be matched.

A fun fact I’ve noticed through the years spent in abstract art decoding is that some of the most interesting gallery conversations occur when it comes to acrylic abstract prints. The reason for this is the wonderful color splash that urges dreamers to connect the dots in most incredible ways – never in one same direction. Where someone sees two swans swimming, another person may detect a couple fighting. What is being perceived may vary not only from person to person, but also depending on the particular mindset of one same beholder – the same picture can be decoded in a different way, depending on the (good or bad) day.