Discover Some of The Best of Today’s Cycling Jerseys

By Steven Harrisson, March 14, 2018

Today there is no shortage of equipment that can help improve your cycling experience and anyone who is serious about cycling, has to look into cycling jerseys. They are more than just your regular old jerseys, they are technical garments that use special made lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable while cycling, thus helping you cycle further and faster. So let’s go over some of the most used cycling jerseys and how they can enhance your cycling experience.



The Pearl Izumi Select Quest cycling jersey is great if you are just starting out, since it is one of the cheaper ones that performs like a technical bicycle jersey. It is lightweight and semi-form-fitting, meaning it doesn’t feel as tight as other garments. It has great moisture wicking abilities and is very breathable. It is a great option if your not a fan of the sausage wrapped in cellophane look. What’s more, because of its more loose fitting, it allows air to flow through and keep you cool. Other great features that this jersey provides is its 40+ UPF factor which gives you sun protection on long cycling sessions. It also includes the standard three back pockets for carrying your keys, snacks, and phone.

Castelli Gabba 2 Cycling Jersey

Next on the list is the Castelli Gabba 2 Cycling Jersey. This garment has a more simplistic design made entirley of Windstopper X-Lite fabric, except for the stretchy Nano Flex inserts in the underarms. This bicycle jersey rates exceptionally high for wind resistance and is water repellent. What’s more, many people find it comfortable despite its tight fitting. It’s the perfect garment if you are looking for something that gives you wind and rain protection while not being too restraining regarding your body’s movement.


Okay, now let’s get a little more technical by focusing on the Castelli Aero Race 5.1 Cycling Jersey. This is a serious garment designed for competitive cycling, it has a very high tech design and is aerodynamic. Everything you would want from a cycling jersey – this one has it, excellent breathability and it is excellent at sweat wicking. Because of its aerodynamic capabilities, this garment is perfect if you are looking to reduce drag and improve your speed. It has a skin tight fit, meaning the drag is reduced as much as possible. If you are a serious racer, this jersey has everything you need.

Castelli Perfetto

Last but not least, the Castelli Perfetto Light cycling jersey is also very technical in its design but for a different reason. It is built for winter or spring cycling and can keep you warm while enabling breathability. It features windstopper panels on the front shoulders and sleeves for protection from the wind, while on the back it has water-resistant Nano Light panels which are meant to protect the user from light rain. This garment is a combo between a jersey and a jacket and its technical design allows you to generate your own heat without getting soaked in sweat.