How to Discover the Best Headlamp for Illuminating Your Camping Trips

By Steven Harrisson, December 21, 2018

When you’re setting up a tent at night, hiking after dusk, or just rummaging through your backpack, nothing can beat the convenience of a headlamp. As opposed to a flashlight, headlamps give you the ability to use both hands which is a huge advantage. And even if there’s general lighting around the campsite in the form of a lantern, a headlamp allows you to easily direct light wherever you need it the most with just a turn of your head. Lightweight and conveniently fastened on your head, a headlamp will be always available the instant you need it.


So, it goes without saying that a headlamp should be an essential part of your camping checklist. But when looking for a head lamp for sale, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the great choice. So, how do you know what to buy? Well, once you have your priorities straight it’s much easier to narrow down the choices. Here are some key factors to have in mind.

Beam Type

Headlamps come with different beam options. For greater versatility, look for a model that offers you more beam options as opposed to just one beam type. And make sure to pick beams that you’ll benefit from the most. A flood beam is great to have for general tasks around the campsite as it can illuminate a much wider area, but it’s not that great when you need to see at a long distance. If you need to navigate a trail after dark, it’s best to use a headlamp with a spot beam which offers focused long-distance illumination. Some headlamps also include a red LED beam which is useful when hunting or for emergency signalling that can help others find you.

Light Output

Another crucial factor is the light output of the device, which is defined by lumens. The light output of a headlamp can range from 50 lumens for a compact model to 2000 lumens for high power units. So, if you’re planning to go on a regular camping trip, any head lamp for sale up to 500 lumens can do. On the other hand, models with an output of up 1000 lumens can be the perfect tool for more extreme situations such as mountain biking or exploring caves.


The fact that the headlamp is going to be strapped around your head for long periods of time means that you need to pick a model that feels most comfortable for you. A headlamp that has the battery pack in the back of the head usually has better weight distribution. Adjustable straps can help you make sure the headlamp fits perfectly. Additionally, some subtle cushioning is also nice to have if you don’t want to have marks on your forehead after you take the lamp off.