Desiring God by John Piper – Why And How To Center Your Life On God

November 19, 2014

John Piper’s book “Desiring God” is described as a life changing book. It will change your concept about the Christian life. According to John, people should seek joy, happiness and satisfaction in God. He is an embodiment of all these desires. Recently, the senior pastor of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, John Piper, introduced […]

Francine Rivers’ Top Selling Books

October 3, 2014

You have probably heard about Francine Rivers, an amazing author of heart-touching books that convey Christian themes. She graduated at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she studied English and journalism. Although Francine was raised in a religious home, she did not accept Christ until later in life, when she became a beloved wife and […]

Exploring Ways To Renew Your Faith In God

September 24, 2014

We all have the need to believe in something. And God is the only thing that keeps us moving in this crazy world. But, don’t you sometimes feel like you are not God’s child anymore? Don’t you feel as he has abandoned you? Whether you lost your job, a family member or things just went […]