Construction Costs: Learning the Basics

By Steven Harrisson, December 11, 2015

In a world where technology quickly takes over, you must be equipped with the finest high-technology tools if you aim at success. The construction industry is no exception. If your goal is to build your own home, you might as well know that you will need a detailed plan of almost every aspect of it before you even start with the process. It is a well-known fact that the one thing both builders and building designers try to avoid, is talking about numbers and estimating construction costs. Every construction process is different and costs vary greatly depending on factors such as site location, weather conditions, building complexity, preferred levels of finishes as well as business connections.

construction calculators

But as I mentioned, today technology has made things simpler. With the invention of the construction costs calculator you are only a step away from getting all your needed information regarding the construction cost of your home. Featuring powerful build-in solutions, the construction costs calculator will guide you on the right track to solve any construction-related math problems in just few seconds. Even if some measurements change, just scroll back to change them, and you can easily resolve the problem. There are many things that affect construction costs, be it a construction of a building, a new home or just a renovation of an already existing one. Some of them are the following.


The size of the construction area, its complexity as well as the level of finish, play a great role in the overall construction cost. Therefore, the bigger the house, the greater the cost. However, it is not that simple. What is more important than the size of the house is the fact where that size goes because the “cost per square foot” of a house can greatly vary from room to room. Therefore, a kitchen with cabinets, countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring as well as other expensive finishes will cost more “per square foot” to build, rather than a bedroom which does not have much more finish than paint and carpeting.

Design Complexity

The effect of the complexity of a house is often misunderstood and is the most common reason for unpleasant surprises for house plan buyers. It is simple, a complex house is more expensive to build than a simple one. But what makes a house complex? Mostly it is the function of the shape of the house and the relationship of the amount of the foundation and the amount of roof to the area of the house.

Finishes and Fixtures

Countertops, cabinets, flooring, trim, etc., represent about 40% of the overall cost of a house. If you want nicer finishes but you are on a tight budget, here’s a tip: you can put the nice stuff in the master bath and the kitchen and the cheaper ones everywhere else. What is more important, make a list of the finishes and and fixtures you want when you start the project and stick to it. Good luck with your project.