Discover All Benefits a Standing Desk Has to Offer

By Steven Harrisson, April 27, 2018

Sitting has developed a bad name over the years and some people have even started comparing it to smoking. With the number of employees reporting back problems and discomfort during work reaching 85% you can see why that is so. Spending prolonged periods of time sitting in the same position can cause discomfort and ultimately effect your health and productivity. But there is hope for the modern-day office employee – the sit-stand desk or simply the standing office desk. Now let’s answer some of the most common questions regarding this innovative product.

sit stand desktop workstation

Should I get a new sit-stand desk or a unit that sits on top of the desk I already own?
This is largely a matter of how much space you have available. A stand-alone sit-stand desk is sure to give a whole new configuration to your desktop setup and allow you to spread out more. If, however, the space under you current desk is perfect for you, a sit-stand unit placed on your current desk might be the better investment.

Should the Sit-stand Desk be Height Adjustable?

This feature is very important since being able to adjust the height to your sit stand desktop workstation can allow you to find the perfect hight you need for every task. For example, you might want one height when writing and a different height when using your computer. Also, if your desk is being used by more than one person, it can accommodate different body sizes and workstation preferences.

How Deep of a Sit-stand Desk Should I Get?

When talking about how deep a desk should be, I am referring to the distance from its front to the back when facing it. The minimum depth you want for your sit stand desktop workstation is 76cm as this depth will give you ideal work space and allow you to spread out more.

How Important is Weight Capacity?

Most sit stand workstations are built to withstand the weight of typical desktop items, such as a phone, computer, etc. However, if you want to place some especially heavy objects on the desk, you need to find the weight limit for the table you intend to buy, as they vary between different models.

What Bells and Whistles Should I Keep in Mind When I Make My Purchase?

Here are some extra tips on what to watch out for when making your decision.

1. Noise level – Make sure that the model you are getting won’t be too loud when making the transition from siting to standing.

2. Speed – You dont want a desk that takes forever to go up or down, since this will demotivate you to use the feature as much as you’d like.

3. Manual vs Electric – The desk can be raised manualy using a crank, or by electricly using a motor. The choise you make here will have an impact on the noise level, speed and ease of use.