Discover Fresh Floral Ideas to Bring Life to Your Home

By Steven Harrisson, October 9, 2020

There’s no place like home. It’s both one’s shelter and a reflection of their believes and habits. Your home should be about comfort and style, the place where you and your family and friends can create unforgettable moments together. But, most of all, your home should be infused with a lively vibe…

There’re a lot of ways to bring life and colours to your shelter, from bold furniture and colourful carpeting to impressive art and wall decor. The truth is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to brighten up your space, sometimes something minor like a floral wallpaper or a vase with fresh flowers can do a miraculous job. The following simple ideas can motivate you furthermore…

Floral Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper can be used to easily create a vintage setting. These classic patterns are still used to create a warm, homey interiors with a timeless, old-world charm. However, a floral wallpaper can easily be incorporated into contemporary spaces as well. Ultra-modern living spaces often feature floor to ceiling floral prints. Floral motifs can add so much character to a room since they are timeless and versatile and wallpapers are easy to hang, generally speaking.

floral wallpaper

Go Tropical

You can transform any plain room into a tropical paradise with a wallpaper that features exotic plants. There are various floral wallpapers that can create a jungle-like feel with the right dose of green in the colour scheme. If you want to keep the room light and airy, opt for tropical flowers printed on a white background wallpaper. Your guests will immediately notice the vibrancy your new wall decor brings!

Minimal with Small Print

A wallpaper with small flower prints is ideal for the area around the fireplace or for creating a vintage look in your kitchen. You can balance the colours with the rest of the furniture (it should be more monochromatic) for a better visual effect.


Choose Blue for a Serene Feel

You can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your living room with a floral print in blue shades. Blue can help you create gentle, serene visuals that relax the eyes.

Bring the Garden Inside

Many homes don’t include a yard or a garden where one can enjoy their morning coffee and spend calm afternoons in nature. However, you can go botanical when choosing a wallpaper and bring that vibe into your lovely living room. For a gentler touch, opt for watermarked botanical prints on a white background. Or you can go bold and opt for a big green wall for maximum eye-resting benefits.

Make Sunny Hallway

When decorating the living space, we sometimes tend to overlook the hallway. As a result, it may end up a dark and dull space, used for storage only. But hallways are the first impression of your home, the first room you and your guests see upon entrance. That being said, a warm grey wallpaper with floral prints (and maybe some birds too), can brighten the hallway and create a more inviting atmosphere.

hallway decor wallpaper

Bring Zing With Bright Colours

If your living room follows a neutral scheme, you can bring bright shades such as yellow and orange to introduce more colour and brightness. Pick tones from the wallpaper and echo them through your soft furnishings to tie it all together. Use a neutral colour like white to break up strong blocks of colour.

Stay Neutral

If you want to add freshness to your home, but still stick to a classic design, neutral floral prints are the perfect choice for you. Opt for a simple, not too eye-catching flowers to match the overall setting of your home. Such pattern can feature a grey or black flower print over a white background.

Note: Combining florals with pastel tones can inspire feelings of romance.

floral and pastel tones wallpaper

Floral Accessories

Another great way to bring freshness to your home is to use floral accessories. One lovely idea is to have your family initials covered with realistic looking artificial flowers and hang them prominently in the living room. You can also decorate a few jar with flowers and put them in your bathroom. Even the baby’s room will look extra special when you add an array of flowers on the wall over the crib.

You can place a lampshade in your bedroom that is completely covered in beautiful rosettes and read at night in a lovely atmosphere. Hanging poms with silk flowers is another great decor idea. A floral centrepiece on your coffee table or beside a frame on a shelf can be a stunning addition too.

Floral Art

You can hang floral artwork on your walls to create an eye-catching composition. Depending on the wall surface available, you can opt for a larger framed floral print to serve as a centrepiece or a few smaller ones that follow the same theme. Floral art is also an exciting idea for creating a gallery wall.

Fresh Florals

Having a fresh set of flowers into your living room, dining room, and the kitchen comes with a bunch of benefits. They are pleasant to look at and can make your space smell incredible. Some flowers, such as lavender, are ideal for the bedroom since they have calming properties and can help you sleep better. Plus, there’s nothing more relaxing and pleasant to look at than freshly picked flowers. Somehow, it brings nature closer to you.