Discover Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kids’ Creativity

By Ava Brown, July 30, 2019

Although many people believe that creativity is a natural talent and something that a child is born with ( you either got it or you don’t) the truth is that it’s more skill than talent. And the great part about it is that you as a parent can help your children develop this core skill better.

creative toys for young children

When you take into account the exceptionally original imagination of children, their ability to connect the seemingly unconnectable, it could easily be argued that everyone is born creative. You just need to make sure your child practices and nurtures this skill and provide the resources he/she needs for creative expression. That being said, your kids need space and time for unstructured imaginative play, including a room to make a mess. You need to allow them to have a space of their own, it could be a room in your attic or any corner in your family room.

Also, you’ll need to invest is creative toys for young children that can encourage and support your child’s creativity and imagination. Stuff like child-sized furniture, kitchen sets, play food, dress-up clothes, dolls, sand and water play toys can fuel their imagination and creativity when doing pretend play, which is also important for social interaction and language practice.

Moreover, when children play, they use their imagination and creative thinking to explore and discover the many features a toy has to offer. Toys like crayons, building blocks and play dough, for instance, provide many creative play opportunities as they can be used in a variety of ways. Creative toys for young children can provide a lot of enjoyment and happiness, both of which help kids develop their self-esteem.

Next, expose your kids to the world so they can use all of their senses. You can take them to the library, museum and also, make sure they spend enough time outdoors. Take them for a walk and encourage them to collect rocks, flowers and other items in nature and when you get back home, make up a story about the items you collected together. Or you can ask them to imagine what travelling to faraway places, such as the African safari would look like. Encourage them to imagine what animals they’d encounter or what the safari would look like. Applaud any idea, especially the out of the box ones. You want your kids to live happy lives, and not be singled out for being different. If the person they are is a little different, you need to embrace that, so that your kids can embrace that creative side of themselves.

Finally, always praise the effort your child has put into something, not the final result. Praise your children when they try and say to them that they are hard workers. Motivating children to use their minds for learning and solving problems makes a lasting impression – a lot more lasting than let’s say a result he or she receives on a test.