Discover How a Christian Author Joyce Meyer Will Help You Change Your Life

By Ava Brown, May 7, 2015

A Christian author Joyce Meyer is known as the world’s leading practical Bible teacher and speaker. She is the author of several bestsellers and has her own television/radio program, called “Enjoying Everyday Life”. Her religious books have helped many people find peace and hope by believing in our creator, God. She is also a founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, where she teaches others about life and how to focus on the attitude, mood, mouth and mind. Through humor, Joyce shares with the audience her thoughts about certain stereotypical behaviors.


Being a leading practical author, Meyer’s books have been translated into many different languages. Every year she organizes many domestic and international conferences, where she teaches people to love themselves, believe in God and enjoy their everyday lives.

As a leading practical Bible teacher, she teaches others that God gives opportunities to meet the needs of the struggling. Her passion to help people who suffer is based on the vision of Hand of Hope, the mission of Joyce Meyer Ministries. And her vision has reached out to people around the world, by building homes for orphans, feeding and medical care programs, and programs against human trafficking. In 2000, in her hometown St. Louis, together with her husband, Joyce Meyer established the St. Louise Dream Center that through special programs help people who suffer and are in need.

As the author Joyce Meyer has helped many learn more about themselves and discover how to start enjoying the life through her books. For example, in her book, 100 Ways To Simplify Your Life, she offers 100 ways how to live a less stressful life. Her strong belief in God has helped many find happiness.

Over the years, Joyce Meyer books have helped many people heal. She has shared the message of Gospel and her testimony in her inspiring writings. Having suffered emotional, mental, verbal and sexual abuse from her father and having to deal with the battle of survival every day, Joyce Meyer found a way to get through all the difficulties and start living a happy and healthy life by helping and teaching others.

Joyce Meyer books and teachings will set you free from a life full of lies and stress. You will finally be able to ‘repair’ your mind and soul. No matter what you have been through or how hurt you are, there is always hope! See the sparkling light of hope, understand God, see how powerful God is and heal and restore your life. You will learn to never give up and all thanks to Joyce Meyer, a charismatic Christian author.