Discover How You Can Add Character To a Room With Antique Chinese Screens

By Ava Brown, December 18, 2014

Chinese culture, one of the world’s oldest, is mostly known for its mythology, spirituality, martial arts, architecture, large variety of traditional cuisine and of course, panel screens. Although, Chinese mostly used antique Chinese screens mainly to protect themselves from the wind, that was not their only purpose. Antique Chinese screens were also used to create small intimate areas, where people slept or could have private conversations.

These screens were so popular, that even Japanese started using them and soon antique Chinese screens spread across the entire world. Even today many use antique Chinese screens to add some style to a room. If you want to give particular room a quick and inexpensive makeover, and to accent it, Chinese screen is exactly what you need. Antique Chinese screens can be your secret decorating weapon. You can instantly transform dull rooms into lively ones; separate one room from another; hide area of a room you do not consider as attractive, etc.

Aside from the fact that they are a beautiful home decorating accessory, these screens are quite practical as well. The good thing about antique Chinese screens is that they easily blend with almost any color and style of your room decor. Here’s what you can do to make your rooms look fabulous.


Use Antique Chinese Screens As Room Dividers

If you want to create your own cozy space, where you can write, read or simply have a moment for yourself, then opt for this amazing decorative item. Smartly use and define every meter of your room.


Use Antique Chinese Screens In Bedrooms

Want to add some style and history to your bedroom? Get a beautiful antique Chinese screen. These screens are so versatile, you can either use one as a head board frame or maybe create your own changing place. A screen will give you the intimacy you need. And let’s not forget that it is your perfect ally for hiding the mess you create in the morning.


Use Antique Chinese Screens As Blinds In Your Bathroom

There is nothing better than relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath at the end of a stressful day. Make your bathroom your spa getaway. So, if you want to add privacy and style to your bathroom, do it with antique Chinese screens. You can create an intimate area, or separate bath and shower or use them as blinds. Bathroom windows can be oddly shaped and therefore hard to cover. In such case, use an antique Chinese screen to cover your windows with style.