Tips to Help You Discover the Right Personal Storage Lockers for Your Employees

By admin, June 24, 2019

When you run a warehouse, factory or some other type of business, it’s your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees. In addition, it’s also your duty to protect their belongings as they do their jobs. When your staff knows that their personal items are stored safely, they can feel much safer and relaxed. Considering this, many employers decide to provide their staff with personal storage lockers.

personal storage lockers

The right storage lockers need to have enough capacity for the employees to comfortably organise their items, be inaccessible to others besides the owner, and be robust to withstand daily use. But with the various options out there, choosing the best lockers can feel like a complicated task. With that being said, here are some great tips to help you pick out the best personal storage lockers for your business’ needs.

Consider the Environment

First of all, consider the environment where the lockers will be placed. Will they be in an office setting where sleek design is important, or an industrial one where safety and durability are prioritised? If you’re looking for lockers for an office or corporate environment, you can choose lockers with coloured doors that beautifully blend in with the existing design. On the other hand, for industrial settings, you will need to look for heavy duty storage cabinets that come with safety features like for instance reinforced doors and are made of sturdy and fire-resistant materials. In this case, the design isn’t that important.

Choose a Good Organization System

In order to avoid confusion, the storage lockers should feature a name tag holder that will clearly identify each compartment’s owner. The internal compartments should be large enough and feature various shelving that helps employees organize their belongings properly. If your employees are required to change in and out of uniforms, pick lockers that are horizontally loner and have with racks that allow for clothes to be hanged, so that they won’t get wrinkled.

Make Sure the Lockers Are Lockable

Despite what the name itself says, not all lockers are lockable. Some come with only a latch on them. To avoid theft and problems in the workplace, make sure that the lockers you choose come with a locking system. This can be a simple key-lock or a vault-type of locking mechanism.

Look for Ventilation

Since lockers are cold and dark environments, they can easily develop mould. To prevent this, it’s important to look for lockers with ventilation. Doors with ventilation louvres can allow for air in the locker to circulate, thus preventing mould and mildew, as well as unpleasant smells from developing.