Discover Six of Australia’s Top Shoe Brands

By Ava Brown, May 7, 2020

Opting for Australian brands, especially during the coronavirus health crisis, is an excellent way to support our businesses. Both the national economy and the environment can benefit greatly from this choice. I decided to dedicate a whole article to several of our country’s most trusted women’s footwear brands because shoes are my passion and practically every girl needs a good pair or two, even in these trying times.


The brain behind this popular shoe label is Caroline McCulloch. As a podiatrist and a physiotherapist, Caroline wanted to create women’s shoes that support the feet without looking boring or clunky. Designed and made with body mechanics in mind, FRANKiE shoes are a gorgeous blend of comfort and style. Each shoe is embedded with heel support, arch support, and forefoot cushioning.

Beautifu white Walking Shoes Frankie 4

The most amazing thing about FRANKiE shoes, according to many, is the customised fit. Each pair comes with a little dust bag, which contains a full-length footbed, a half-length footbed, and forefoot cushions. These are made to help you create your own personalised fit, regardless of your foot type. This means that FRANKiE4 footwear is suitable for narrow, standard, wide, and even extra wide feet (if you don’t put a footbed in at all, that is).

Except for its open-toe shoes and high heels, FRANKiE4 footwear features removable footbeds, meaning the footbed can be taken out and replaced with one’s orthotic.

This Australian footwear brand is ideal for those of you who are always on the go or simply want a new pair of travel-friendly shoes but still want to look chic. FRANKiE4 offers a wide range of minimally modern sneakers, trendy sandals, elegant heels, boots, flats, and slides. Whatever your personal style, you’ll probably find a pair or two to your liking.

Pretty Girl Wearing Frankie4 shoes jackie bluesh

The JACKIE sneakers in white/pink are possibly the brand’s most wanted style. These shoes are smart-looking, casual, ultra-light, and unbelievably comfortable (they do, however, require a little bit of breaking in). They work with orthotics as well. The JACKIE sneaker comes with a dual-density sole and a soft polyurethane midsole, thanks to which these sought-after shoes are flexible, durable, and suitable for a variety of surfaces. Many women wear their JACKIEs during their commute to work. Overall, they are wonderful everyday shoes.

Please bear in mind that FRANKiE4 shoes are made of real leather, so if you’re trying your best to buy ethically sourced products, you might want to look for other options.

2. Kuwaii

kuwaii shoes

Kuwaii is a Melbourne-based women’s clothing and footwear label established in 2008 by designer Kristy Barber. Sustainability is this brand’s main focus, which is why Kuwaii shoes are made of quality fabrics and materials. In addition to this, Kuwaii is genuinely committed to transparency in its business affairs as well. You can learn about its design and manufacturing process (including all the costs) by simply visiting its website.

Refined, detailed, and romantic, Kuwaii footwear is all about classic shapes, clean lines, and impeccable tailoring. These shoes are designed to outlast a season and thus become sartorial staples for many women. Its animal-free footwear collection features stunning leather-looking boots, lace-ups, and sandals.


Kuwaii shoes aren’t exactly inexpensive, but if your goal is to invest in a pair or two of effortlessly sophisticated, locally-produced and slow-made shoes, then you should definitely give this label a chance to seduce you.

In case you’re a vegan, but all the Kuwaii shoes you like are made of leather, you’ll be glad to learn that this label offers design flexibility. This means that you can purchase a pair of custom-made, vegan-friendly shoes.

3. Post Sole Studio

post pole studio

Post Sole Studio is another Melbourne-based footwear label. It manufactures its shoes in-house, but it also produces footwear for other local and international brands. The locally produced P.S.S label is a range of simple boots, loafers, and sandals, all of which can be made in a vegan alternative, using a non-woven, animal-free fabric that imitates the properties of natural leather flawlessly. The only downside is that Post Sole Studio is only able to offer their vegan shoes in black, but hope to expand their colour options in the near future.

4. Radical Yes

This shoe brand is a love letter to mobile, active, and conscious women that don’t want to wear heels. Behind their ‘Flat Shoe Liberation’ is the idea that encourages women to come at the world from a truly grounded perspective and to favour what feels good as much as what looks good.


Radical Yes offers a wide selection of trainers, wedges, loafers, boots, and sandals. These label’s shoes strike a beautiful balance between elegant and casual. This is precisely why they are both work-appropriate and play-friendly.

Bright colours, tassels, and prints are this shoe label’s three signature features. Plus, Radical Yes tends to produce small quantities (often less than 100 pairs) in each style in each range. Although an Australian label, Radical Yes has its shoes made in China.

P.S. If you’re looking for cruelty-free footwear, you’ll be glad to learn that Radical Yes has heaps of vegan options.

5. Nelson Made

Consciously created in a slow fashion studio in Melbourne, Nelson Made’s slips and sandals are modern, bold, long-lasting, and, perhaps most importantly, wearable. The brand’s goal is to “source materials with the lowest possible environmental and human impact while still being suitable for footwear production”. Nelson Made’s creators also say that they aim to use linen as well as recycled, repurposed, and vintage fabrics. This is what makes this shoe brand unique and recognisable.

nelson made shoes

Nelson Made is also committed to providing its customers with free repairs and sizing alterations within the first two years of wear. Plus, its packaging is plastic-free and made from eco-friendly materials, whereas its shipping orders within our country are carbon neutral. Last but definitely not least, Nelson Made has a lovely little range of vegan footwear.

6. Re-Tyre

If you’re constantly educating yourself and learning about ways to reduce your ecological footprint, it’s safe to assume that you’ll adore this footwear brand. As the name suggests, Re-Tyre’s shoes are made from upcycled rubber tyre waste and other vegan and environmentally friendly materials, including hemp and cork. This may come as a surprise, but these shoes are suitable for hiking, travelling, motorbiking, and many other activities.


Re-Tyre’s range for women consists of hemp slides, hemp high tops, cork thongs, hemp kicks. Men can also find a nice pair of casual hemp high tops, hemp kicks, frayed thongs, and slides. All of these shoes are incredibly comfortable.

Re-Tyre is a WA-based shoe label, but its shoes are ethically made in Bali, Indonesia.

Extra Suggestion: Zette Shoes


Made fairly in Europe (in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, to be more precise), Zette Shoes are the creation of the team behind Vegan Style – a Melbourne ethical fashion store. This brand’s footwear for both women and men comes in bold, sophisticated styles. Chic boots, sleek high heels, classic dress shoes, casual but sharp textile loafers, unique Oxfords, slides, and ballet flats are only some of the options this label offers.