Discover the Aesthetic Power of Having a Unique Letterbox

By Ava Brown, February 10, 2017


There are so many aspects of life for which we want to dance to the beat of our own drum, so why not incorporate that powerful notion when it comes to completing the puzzle of the curb-appeal of our homes. Apart from making way for beautiful plants to grow in your garden, around a thoughtfully designed dining area, or maybe just an outdoor reading nook, if you are all about sending a message of class to all passers-by, the letterbox you choose can signify much more than the cherry on top.

It’s the little things that set us apart and although some people are really willing to go the extra mile regarding authenticity, there is a big difference between unique letterbox and classy and unique fence letterbox. A letterbox shouldn’t stand out, but smoothly blend with its surroundings – therein lies the power of simplicity. Now I am not saying it should be aesthetically insignificant, just that you should be mindful about the design.

As much as delicate jewelry always looks more expensive than those pieces that have way to many details, a sleek wooden fence letterbox is what speaks the language of good taste and class. Although some of you may argue and say that “good” is more contextual rather than absolute, regarding the case for handmade and eco-friendly wooden letterboxes, I beg to differ.

Colour wise, the rule of thumb you ought to follow is: when in doubt, go with neutral and subdued. White, cream and charcoal are usually the colors that make for a fantastic match with any kind of surroundings. These colors, along with sleek design and the opportunity to have the letterbox customized to your needs regarding mounting and maybe even some personal touch are the perfect recipe for creating the tasteful impact mentioned above.

Finally, make sure you don’t forget about quality. All of the aforementioned would be in vain if your letterbox is not sturdy enough as to withstand different weather conditions. Also, if apart from wood, the box features pieces made of metal, make sure that it’s stainless steel. Hopefully, after reading this article you feel much more confident regarding what exactly to look for in a letterbox so that the shopping process does not turn in a real exercise in confusion.

As anything else in life, every matter that is given full consideration, has a better chance of being met with aesthetic celebration.