Discover the Amazing Benefits Adjustable Beds Offer

By Steven Harrisson, August 31, 2020

Having in mind how busy we all are nowadays, getting quality sleep is almost impossible. Scientists associate sleep deprivation with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, obesity and even depression, which speaks volumes about how important sleep is.

Discomfort and pain, among other things, often get in the way of quality, undisturbed sleep. It is well known that the mattress and the bed base can affect your night rest more than you realise.

mattress and the bed affect nights rest

To offer a quick and effective solution for improving your sleep, adjustable beds come to the rescue. Once used only as extraskeletal support tool at the hospitals, nowadays, more and more people are introducing adjustable beds as comfortable and stylish addition to their homes.

What is Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds, also known as reclining beds, are becoming an increasingly popular choice in recent years. The modern models are electric adjustable beds that operate with one, two or more motors. They come with a lot of luxury features such as the pre-set TV, an extra memory position, wall hugger, massage option and even LED lighting under the bed and USB charging ports.


By slightly touching the remote control, you can navigate your bed to any position. You can easily elevate the back for watching TV and reading, or the legs when lying on side to help you change hip position.

For maximum comfort, it is recommended to choose an adjustable bed with a ‘wall hugger’ feature. As you raise or lower the head section using your adjustable bed’s positioning function, the foundation also glides back. This maintains your body near its original placement, so you’re always close to your bedside tables and headboard. Most people find this a lot more helpful rather than awkwardly reaching to find a remote, a book or that hot cup of tea or coffee.


Furthermore, the wireless controller enables you to select your most comfortable sleep positions and memorise them on your controller, so that every night you can return to your favourite upright position. This is something quite impossible with a regular bed.

When you are looking for options to improve your blood flow, opt for an electric lift bed with the addition of head and foot vibrating massage. If you want your bed to be not only comfortable but elegant, you can buy adjustable bed with a stylish matching frame. Different models and colours are available on the market to match everyone`s preferences.

Health Benefits

Relieves Chronic Back Pain

When your spine is not properly aligned at night, it os very possible to wake up with back pain. Same goes if there is too much pressure on your body. Reducing back pain is of the most appreciated benefits of owning an adjustable bed. You can simply adjust the height of your mattress to a position that feels best for you. For instance, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, try lifting the part of your bed by 45 degrees. Raising the bottom part of the base, on the other hand, can reduce the stress on the middle of your spine.


Improves Circulation

You might have notices that sometimes when you get out of bed, it takes you a while to walk in a straight line. This, alongside with numb and tingly legs means that your body didn’t get enough circulation during the night. Poor circulation makes the awaking process slower, and you might notice you are struggling with basic stuff when you wake up.

To avoid such issues, lift the bottom half of your adjustable bed. This way, you are sending blood back to your heart, resulting in improved overall circulation.

Alleviate Sleep Apnoea, Snoring and Asthma

If you are snoring or struggling with sleep apnoea, it means that your airways need to be more opened up during the night. Snoring is typically caused by your tongue and soft tissues narrowing your airway, which usually happens when you’re sleeping flat. You can improve this by lifting the head section of your bed, which allows you to breathe more easily. One significant benefit of deciding to buy adjustable bed online or in a physical store is the fact that they can reduce snoring by simply elevating your head in the best sleeping position.


The combination of an adjustable bed and a top-rated mattress can drastically change the way you sleep.

Swelling and Pressure Relief

If you’re suffering from swollen legs, ankles and feet, investing in an electric adjustable couch is definitely a smart move. By keeping the affected areas elevated you can increase blood circulation throughout the night. This way, the affected area has a chance to recover overnight, and you can finally wake up in the morning feeling good.

Lifestyle Benefits


If you envy people who can fall asleep on a chunky armchair while you keep changing positions even in a massive bed, then you are a picky sleeper and an adjustable bed can be your rescue.

With an adjustable bed base, you can find all sleep positions that work for your body. When sleeping on your back, you can lift your neck to release shoulder tension as well as neck strain. When you are sleeping on your stomach, try lifting your legs to release compression on the top of your body. A slight incline at the top of the bed can keep your head in alignment with your spine if sleeping on the side

Plus, instead of sitting uncomfortably in a regular bed or chair while watching TV, an adjustable bed can offer an elevated seating position that will eliminate any neck or back pain.


With an adjustable bed, there is no more need to prop up all your pillows to find the perfect position for watching a movie or reading a book. The sheer convenience of the adjustable bed is one of their most significant benefits.

Electric adjustable beds allow you direct control over your positioning. If you opt for a dual adjustable bed for you and your partner, you can freely explore your ultimate position of comfort without disturbing your partner.


These beds are also convenient when you are not sleeping. Watching your favourite show, or reading your book with an afternoon tea has never been more comfortable.


This is particularly important for older individuals – the ability to get out of bed on their own. Also, for people who have been injured. Sleeping on a regular foundation can mean struggling to get yourself into a sitting position. Having the possibility to lift the top part of the bed allows the person to swing the legs over the side and get up with minimal effort.