Discover the Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaners

By Steven Harrisson, December 21, 2018

The food processing industry is constantly changing for the better. It’s no longer about cleaning the fastest, but instead, it’s more about doing the job right, and abiding by the strict HACCP rules and regulations. This, however, entails establishing practices for cleaning the food processors in an efficient manner that completely rids of bacteria and other pathogens. One of the best cleaning methods for commercial kitchens is cleaning with a professional steam cleaner.

professional steam cleaner

Although soap and water can probably reduce the number of pathogens to a manageable level, that’s not enough for commercial kitchens. Today’s commercial kitchen cleaning processes need to do much more than that, including sterilising and sanitising all of the equipment. Food can oftentimes land on parts of the equipment that are worn, have cracks or defects, all of which are places where bacteria thrive. Bacteria can live for multiple days, even outside favorable environments with little-to-no difficulty.

With that said, a professional steam cleaner can sanitise and sterilise the equipment. The steam that comes from steam cleaners is extremely hot and it comes out with a lot of pressure, which quickly rids of bacteria. It’s a combination of water and pressure working together not just to sterilise, but also to thoroughly clean the work area. Of course, some areas need to be cleaned with minimum moisture, which is why some steam cleaners have both wet and dry cleaning capabilities.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is extremely effective, and it can eliminate the need to dismantle your food processing machines for thorough cleanups, which can save you a lot of time and labor. Steam cleaners wash, sweep and dry in one smooth process. With traditional methods, on the other hand, you need to dismantle the equipment and take it to a special contained area for washing, where you’ll have to use chemicals and manual labour to thoroughly clean all crannies, cracks, and corners.

You can dissolve any type of dirt and grease, as professional steam cleaners can clean up to 160 degrees. Moreover, they’re incredibly manoeuvrable and agile and are available in various sizes to fit your specific cleaning needs. With all of that said, whether you’re a restaurant owner, a manager of a bakery, or a food processing plant supervisor, consider investing in steam cleaners to make the cleaning of your equipment less taxing and much more efficient, while still abiding by all HACCP standards.