Discover the Benefits of Window Deflectors

By Steven Harrisson, December 20, 2017

windows deflectors

While they might be inexpensive, small and subtle accessories, rain deflectors can make a huge difference on your 4×4 vehicle. They provide a more comfortable driving experience by allowing you to have your windows somewhat opened in bad weather, without the fear of rain, wind and bugs disrupting your comfort. Deflectors come in three basic designs and each of them has their own advantages.

The most popular design are rain deflectors for car windows, which are also known as wind deflectors or vent visors. They line the perimeter of your window and block rain and wind from getting inside your car. They’re typically made from impact-resistant and durable ABS or acrylic and they usually feature a dark smoke finish. You can mount rain deflectors for car windows in one of the following two ways – tape-on or in-channel.

Moreover, deflectors reduce wind noise, which makes cruising with your windows open on beautiful, sunny days more pleasant. Wind noise can be an issue when driving at high speeds on a highway, potentially ruining your hairdo and blowing out your eardrums. Open windows can alter your car’s aerodynamics in such a way that causes the fast-moving air to be sucked into your cockpit, which results in a loud gale-force wind to constantly slap you in your face.

Additionally, when clouds form overhead, that’s usually a sign to roll the windows up. Even if you leave them open just slightly, you can still drench your clothes and carpet with water. Even worse, water can get into your door panels and short out your windows and power locks. Lastly, rain can make your windshield fog up. All of this can be easily solved by cracking the windows, but that just causes a bunch of other problems.

Finding the ideal rain deflectors for your needs depends on where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. You can easily find rain deflectors online that are made specifically for your model and make of vehicle, in order to ensure a perfect fit. However, you shouldn’t just purchase the first deflector that pops out, but you should check out more models and types to get a better idea on how they would look on your vehicle. That being said, you can find AVS deflectors in a variety of finishes, such as the subtle smoke finish and the gleam of chrome.

Regardless where you live and how you drive, deflectors are the ideal accessory for ensuring a comfortable driving experience and protecting your vehicle from hazards and nuisances.