Discover the Best Stand Food Mixers For You

By Ava Brown, May 7, 2015

If you are a food enthusiast and often spend great time of your day in the kitchen, you know that sometimes too much cooking can be overwhelming, especially if your passion is baking. But you can make your life easier by equipping your kitchen with the best stand food mixer, to help you do more in less time.

This convenient and versatile kitchen tool will enable you to multitask since it is designed to complete some of the toughest culinary task. Stand food mixers make mixing batter, kneading dough and whipping egg whites into a fluffy meringue, a piece of cake.


Before you invest in this kitchen piece of art, think of the most needed features for your cooking and make sure to choose a mixer that can handle your toughest tasks.


Stand food mixers can be quite big, but if you use your mixer at least once a week, it’s worth it. Also, make sure that its weight is no less than around 12 kg, because smaller stand food mixers have a tendency to “walk” across the counter when mixing heavy dough. Actually, what you use the mixer for determines its size, capacity of the bowl and its power.


Stand food mixers have many speed options so you can slowly knead dough or quickly whip egg whites. Some models (depending on the brand) offer up to 15 different speeds, however, 6-7 speeds are more than enough for most home cooks.

Tilting vs. Lifting

Stand food mixers with a tilting mechanism raise up away from the bowl. On the other hand, in mixers with a lifting mechanism a lever lifts the bowl up and down while the beaters and mixer head are stationary. This might not seem that important but it is if you plan to store it on top of your counter underneath your top cabinets. A mixer with a tilting feature requires at least 12-15cm of clear space above it so it can operate properly.


The included and optional accessories will determine how much use you will get out of your mixer. Some of its features, such as the colour, are more stylistic, but others play a more important role.

Gathering together with your family to share some good food is always fun. After all, that is what life is all about – enjoying all the little things. So, before you buy a stand food mixer, consider these tips and save yourself some quality time.