Discover the Charm of Country French Boudoirs

By Ava Brown, March 14, 2017

If you’re anything like me, whenever you hear the word ‘boudoir’ images of Marie Antoinette’s luxurious and excessively embellished bedroom start popping in your mind. However, the ill-fated French queen wasn’t the only woman in France who wanted to have a beautifully decorated bedroom. Country girls had gorgeous boudoirs as well.

Country French bedrooms ooze comfort, peacefulness and femininity. This unique ambience is created with the help of elegant period-style furnishings, soothing hues, and a tasteful combination of fine and rough textiles. If you want to infuse your bedroom with country French air, then you should stick to the following three rules.

French Bedroom Furniture

Look for Provincially Rustic or Ornately Carved Bedroom Furniture

The items of furniture are some of the most important pieces of this decorating puzzle. Country French boudoirs are famous for their antique white wooden beds and curvaceous headboards and footboards. A country French bedroom furniture set also includes period storage pieces, such as blanket boxes, bombé commodes, and armoires. When shopping for items of country French bedroom furniture, you should also search for comfortable seating, such as silk-upholstered divans or velvet-clad bergère chairs. Both of these lovely furniture pieces scream “French charm”.

Opt for Calming and Welcoming Hues

White, cream, ecru, and ivory are ideal colours for a country French boudoir. Pale neutrals promote lightheartedness and relaxation, which, if you ask me, is the atmosphere every bedroom should boast. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can incorporate lavender, sunny yellow, and sky blue into your country French bedroom design. These are all colours of Provence’s vivid landscapes (the birthplace of country French style), so injecting a little cheer into your country French boudoir with their aid is a wonderful idea. Another great idea is covering your bedroom walls with toile- or damask-pattern papers.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

You should end your decorating project by layering fabrics that can send you to Provence instantly. Toile, linen, tapestry, and matelassé are perfect for country French bedrooms. You can dress your bed in natural-hue matelassé or linen coverlet and then use floral pillows to liven it up a bit. Since Provence is home to sunflowers, irises, and poppies, implementing them in your country French bedroom décor is smart.

Faded antique floor rugs, damask draperies, simple yet elegant crystal chandeliers, trumeau mirrors, and small impressionist paintings in silver frames are items that deserve a place in your country French boudoir as well.