Discover the Differences Between Ethernet Cables & WiFi

By Steven Harrisson, October 13, 2016

wifi vs ethernet cable

When it comes to good internet connection, we always want what is fastest. Although wireless connection is currently the more popular option, the fastest connection is still acheived with cables, ethernet cables to be exact. It is a proven fact that a connection through an ethernet cable is faster than a WiFi connection. The differences don’t really matter to people who use their laptops or desktop computers for social media only. However, when it comes to gaming, transferring files, and streaming movies and TV series, there is a huge difference to the speed of the connection. This is because WiFi connection can be disrupted by walls and floors, which means that being in a different room may result in not being able to connect.

Personally, I have had a lot of trouble with my WiFi connection before I decided to buy ethernet cables online. I live in a two storey house where the router is on the first floor, while my man cave is on the second one. I have it equipped with all kinds of gaming equipment, from my gaming PC to the PlayStation that I often use to play with a few buddies. However, there was always the problem of bad connection. My games would lag which meant that I couldn’t play properly, and whenever I sat down to watch a movie, it would take forever to load. As I had my router directly below my setup, I thought that I was getting the fastest connection I could possibly get in my house. I always figured that this was the fault of my internet provider, but now I know that wasn’t the case. When I switched to cables, I felt the difference immediately.

If you too are considering to switch your connection method, and buy ethernet cables online, you need to bare in mind that there are few types. There are Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The acronyms stand for category 5 cabling, category 5 enhanced cabling, and category 6 cabling. The Cat5 are the oldest and they support the speed of 10Mbps and 100Mbps. However, since they are really old, you can’t find them in stores anymore. Cat5e, as the name suggests, is an enhanced version of the older Cat5. These cables support 100Mbps speeds, which are also known as gigabit speeds. Normally, the best is saved for last – the Cat6 is yet a better version of Cat5e. It supports 10-Gigabit speed and there are a lot of improvements made so that there wouldn’t be any interference. However, you should note that if you’re currently experiencing a rather stable connection you don’t need to rush things in order to get the Cat6, but if you are upgrading, you might need to.