Discover the Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups

By Steven Harrisson, June 6, 2018

Do you too tend to avoid visiting your dentist? I really get that – we all do it, but what you should know is that attending regular dental check ups is the best way to avoid tooth ache, bad breath and misaligned teeth. And who doesn’t want to have the perfect smile, right? The thing is, even if you brush your teeth and floss frequently, there could be still issues in your mouth that you cannnot notice, which is the reason numer one why you should have your teeth regularly checked.


The Benefits

For one, you will have your teeth thoroughly cleaned and any potential teeth or gum issues will be discovered before they develop into a more serious problem. Signs of oral cancer could also be spotted, which makes it much easier to treat it. Plus, if your dentist notices that your oral hygiene routine is not working out ideally for you, he/she will tell you what changes you could make to improve it.

What is usually done on a check up?

A common thing that is done on a dental check up is removing plaque or tartar from your teeth. Plaque is a sticky bacterial invader that mixes with the proteins and food, and latches onto your teeth and gums. When it calcifies it becomes tartar, which if not removed early, it can grow below the gum line and cause tooth decay.

Another common procedure is polishing your teeth with a lightly abrasive paste. Once your teeth are clean, your dentist will check for symptoms of the really serious problems, such as gum disease and oral cancer. Then he/she will measure the pockets between your teeth and gums and check the back and sides of your teeth. Your dentist might even take x-rays to see what’s going on under the surface of your mouth and can find and diagnose issues that can not be spoted with a naked eye.

How often should you have your teeth checked?

The Australian Dental Association recommends scheduling a dental check up every six months to prevent and detect oral health problems (if any) from getting worse. If you are at a risk for developing any oral disease or are a smoker, you might want to consider visiting your dentist on a more frequent basis to make sure you keep your smile looking pearly white for many more years to come.