Discover the Important Aspects for Choosing а Ute Tray and Accessories

By Steven Harrisson, October 6, 2020

Having a ute tray fitted can be beneficial for one’s business as well as personal needs when transporting objects as it provides plenty of storage and workspace without compromising the interior space of the truck. Its utility in fact even outmatches that of a factory-installed tub because it’s far more durable. This is so especially when it’s made of materials such as aluminium and steel, so you might as well say it’s created to withstand constant wear and tear.

Other benefits you can expect to reap from investing in a high-quality ute tray equipment is the chance to customise the functionality and looks based on your own needs and preferences, choosing the material, finish, size as well as colour. Additionally, you can accessorise it also, be it with ladder racks or window protectors, lockable toolboxes for protection of your expensive tools, or drawers and canopies.


Thanks to how versatile the tray turns the ute, you could also expect to increase the value of your vehicle which comes in handy if you plan on selling it sometime in the future. Given that the possibilities are endless in terms of design, we’re going to cover some of the most important aspects you should focus on when getting your aftermarket ute tray, so you’d know it’s money well-spent.

Consider Your Transport and Storage Needs

When you start considering the options of tray and ute tray parts, first and foremost you ought to weigh them in with the transport and storage needs in mind. If you don’t know where to start, the following questions could be of help: What type of cargo is it that you’re transporting for work or personal uses? What is its weight? Is it heavy construction material, livestock, camping gear, fishing and hunting gear, or bulk shopping?

Perhaps you’d use your ute as a family vehicle instead? Or maybe you’d consider a change in lifestyle and choose off-road experience as your kind of adventure?


As soon as you have the answers for these, you can be certain of the size, weight, and functionality of the ideal ute tray equipment for you.

The Size

If you want to get to the exact size, you ought to measure up the tools and cargo you’d be carrying. It’s good to take their height as well as length into account, so be sure to make a good inventory of each and every bit of gear you intend to transport in your vehicle to get the suitable dimensions and shape. Sure, some trays can be adjusted, but not all of them and not getting this right straight on means wasting time and money with the wrong fit!

The Weight

Same as with the previous aspect, the weight depends on the cargo but not solely as the material has its impact on it too. Given that the weight affects the vehicle’s efficiency, you should choose the material carefully. The heavier the ute tray and ute accessories, the more fuel you can expect to spend.

Some of the most popular options are aluminium, steel and alloy. And out of the three, aluminium is the most lightweight which allows you to carry more cargo without affecting the fuel that much. But still, it’s good to be aware of the load distribution. Steel is a choice that’s more hard-wearing, which makes it perfect for heavy construction and industrial cargo – in fact, it’s heavier than alloy too.

The Functionality

Since you’d be using the ute tray for transport, you need it to be functional otherwise, there’d be no use getting it. To be able to make the most of this investment, you should decide on the accessories for utes that you’d find useful for your transport and safety requirements.


For instance, if you’re after adding headroom on top of the tray, then you could invest in a ladder rack with pod mounting system for quick and easy removal. For protection from the weather as well as dust and debris, you could use a PVC cover, as well as a rubber mat for the bottom. In case you plan on having extra storage, you’d need to use a weatherproof drawer in a single, double or three unit design based on your storage requirements.

Want further storage than you have? Get the help of roof racks too, choosing from permanent and removable designs. Now then, safety should always be your priority, and since accidents can happen at any time, no matter how precautious you are, it’s advisable to protect your vehicle with some nudge bars.


Also in terms of safety, but from the weather elements, a canopy is a must-have. As for your precious tools, for your peace of mind don’t forget to get a toolbox with a folding T-lock for security.

The Supplier or Manufacturer

Lastly, you might want to do your homework first and find a trustworthy supplier or manufacturer if you want to count on a purchase that’s durable, and true value for money.