Discover the Meaning of Dreaming About Someone You Love

By Ava Brown, October 20, 2016

Dreaming About Someone You Love

At a certain point in life, we are all haunted by the same question that even great minds, like Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung, failed to answer: What does it mean when you dream about someone you love? The nature of dreams is thought-provoking and it makes a common subject for debates, yet it remains as mysterious as ever. Dreams can be disturbing and confusing, yet satisfying and awesome. By successfully interpreting your recurring dreams, they may even help you as guidance in your relationship.

Despite no one really knows for sure why do we dream and what does it mean, there are several ways to interpret dreams. The most popular one is with symbolism. Supposedly, all the symbols we see in our dreams are conveying a message from our sub-conscious mind during night and it’s up to us to figure out how does their meaning fit into our waking life. Dreams can also reveal some parts of yourself you didn’t know. In order to interpret your dream about someone you love, it’s important to analyze the overall theme of your dream, not just the person. Here are the three most common dreams about someone you love.

Dream About Someone From Your Past

Dreaming about people from our past is quite common and there are millions of reasons why that happens. Every person we meet along our journey makes an impact in our lives, for better or for worse, whether we realize it or not. Every experience is leaving its fingerprints on you, just like each stroke with a carving knife transforms a basic piece of wood. A recent event may trigger an old memory with a person you no longer talk, see, meet, love or live with and that old memory will come alive into your subconscious mind during sleep. However, to find out what does this dream is trying to tell you, first you should understand the whole context of your dream.

Dream About Someone You’re Currently with

Dreaming about the person you’re currently dating or married to is one of the most common dreams couples have. While at first it may seem like a sign that you’re deeply in love with him\her, this dream can have many different meanings, depending on the other elements in the dream. Of course, the most common one is that you’re happily in love with your partner in your dream, which only confirms that you truly are involved in a deep, emotional and satisfying relationship. If your dream about him\her is not like this, then analyze the other symbols present in the dream, as they can get you closer to interpreting your dream. Nevertheless, what your partner is doing or feeling towards you in your dream doesn’t necessarily applies for your waking life.

Dream About Someone You Like

Many people are also curious what does it mean when you dream about someone you like. This one is not only one of the most common dreams, but also the easiest to interpret. If you’re dreaming about a person you like, it is probably because you’re spending a lot of time and energy thinking about them during the day. It is only normal to dream about someone you like when you’ve been picturing the two of you together all day long. If it were up to Freud to interpret this dream, he’d say that it is a perfect example of a wish fulfillment dream, when your subconscious is making up something you desire in your waking life.

Before you get obsessed with dreams interpretations, you should know that there’s no science behind any of it. The real interpretations of dreams are your feelings about the dream and the person in question. If you think there’s something to discover about that person, dig deep into your soul, mind and heart to find the real answers.