Discover the Most Popular Morakniv Knives

By Steven Harrisson, August 15, 2017

One of the most essential pieces of equipment for every outdoor enthusiast is the knife. And as far as quality knives go, nobody manufactures better knives than the Swedes. Just like us Aussies, Swedes also have to survive through harsh conditions, except they have to deal with the cold instead of hellish heat. One Swedish manufacturer in particular, that has been around for over a century in the knife manufacturing business is Morakniv.


Established in 1891, Morakniv is a renown knife manufacturer that creates fixed-blade knives that are of extremely high quality, durable, affordable and can be used for pretty much anything. Nowadays, a Morakniv knife is the trusty companion of many outdoor enthusiasts, whether hunters or campers. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular Morakniv knife types.

Bushcraft Carbon Steel Morakniv Knife – Where Reliability and Simplicity Meet

The Bushcraft Carbon Steel is the top selling knife from Morakniv. It’s an excellent outdoor tool that can be used in many different ways. First and foremost, it has safety features like the rear and front hand protection that prevents your hand from slipping off the grip. The carbon steel blade it features is 109mm long and 3.2mm thick, making it the ideal camping tool for cutting through branches and carving wood. Furthermore, it’s covered in black coating which prevents corrosion and makes it great for wet and humid areas like lakes, forests and swamps. As a means of added protection, the Bushwalker comes with a hard plastic sheath that ensures the knife is secured and prevents the risk of injury when rummaging through the backpack.

Morakiv Kamnsbol Knife – Multi-purpose-ness at its Finest

When you’re out in the ruthless Australian wilderness, you’ll want to be fully prepared for everything that may come your way. Thus, a multipurpose knife such as the Kamnsbol can come in handy, regardless whether you’re trying to make your way through some bushes, prepare food or cut some wood splints for a fire. This knife offers the best of both worlds – it’s extremely lightweight and flexible while having the durability and robustness of a stainless steel model. What the Kamnsbol excels at over other knives is it’s multi-mount fastening system, ensuring you can take it everywhere without fearing you’ll lose it.

Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife – Bear Grylls Mode: On

While the basic Bushcraft knife and the Kamnsbol can easily handle most outdoor tasks, the Bushcraft Survival knife is especially designed to deal with even the most extreme situations. It’s considered a heavy-duty survival knife, and it sports a 3.2mm thick and sharp blade that’s capable of slicing through anything short of metal and rock. It’s DLC coated, ensuring it won’t rust and it features an integrated fire starter that’s capable of producing sparks so bright they can be used as emergency signals. All these features make the Bushcraft Survival knife a must-have tool for any extreme outdoor enthusiast.