Discover the Power of Donut Pillows

By Ava Brown, May 9, 2017

As much as we like being part of the advanced technological era of today, we have to admit we let technology take over our lives and turn our lifestyles upside down. Before you think I’m against electronics, I have to say I’m one of the tech addicts and it’s exactly why I’ve acquired such a viewpoint considering I’ve started to experience a great deal of pain. The predominantly sedentary habits, either at work or at home, and the lack of exercise on a daily basis certainly add up with time and lead to health issues.

Donut Pillows

Thankfully, being part of the 21st century also means having many aids available to us, so even if you can’t exactly change your office work, you can count on ergonomics to relieve your pain and make for comfortable prolonged sitting time. Yes, a nice ergonomic chair paired up with a specialised desk is advisable, but my focus now is the pairing up with donut pillows because they can further ameliorate sitting even when you already use ergonomic chairs. As you might guess from the name, these pillows are in the shape of donuts, and this shape in particular is chosen so as to alleviate pressure.

Prolonged sitting, that is typical for many professions today, can be the cause of many health issues over time, hemorrhoids and coccyx pain being some of them. Though nothing to worry about when they first appear, they can turn into serious problems when not treated. Then again even if you do treat them with medication, if you don’t change anything with the sitting, you can’t expect any amelioration. The use of donut pillows can lessen the discomfort and help you deal with these issues better, yet instead of relieving pressure on the coccyx for instance, these pillows relieve the pressure on the genitals. This way they enable the proper alignment of the back while sitting.

The high density moulded foam these pillows are made of makes them ideal for various health conditions; along with the above-mentioned hemorrhoids and coccyx pain, they’re perfect for people dealing with degenerative disc disease as it strengthens the core and provides sciatic nerve pain relief, pregnant women whose daily habits become difficult further in pregnancy with the additional weight, women who’ve given birth, people who’ve had spine surgeries and colon ailment.

Even if you don’t have any pain as of yet, sitting most of the day is sure to lead to problems eventually which is why the donut pillow is the one you can count on to correct your posture and eliminate the strain on your back. If you can’t change your profession, you can at least make sitting bearable. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not lived in discomfort.