Discover The Power Of Faith With Mud Sweat And Tears Book

By Steven Harrisson, March 6, 2015

If you are looking for an adventurous and adrenalin-raising book, then Mud Sweat And Tears is your best choice. An amazing true-story about a twenty-year old boy who dared nature and set a new world record for climbing Everest (the highest mountain in the world). At the age of 37, Bear Grylls wrote his autobiographic Mud Sweat And Tears book to encourage young people to dream big and work hard. According to him, with hard work every dream can become a reality. Although it seems like Bear is too young to write his own autobiography, still you would be surprised to see how long his achievement list is.


Mud Sweat And Tears book will take you on a whole new adventure. It will keep you entertained from first to last page. This amazing book is a real page-turner. Bear gives readers a closer look to all of the challenges and obstacles he had to overcome not only during his climbing adventure but in his entire life. He takes readers through the events that have shaped him as a person. Bear was an ordinary boy who grew up on the Isle of Wight. From an early age, his father taught him to climb and sail. He became addicted to adventure from an early age, which is why he has enrolled in a SAS reserves (special forces) while studying at the University of West England.

Adventures were not new to Bear. At first, joining in the British Special Forces was a challenge for him, but not as challenging as his attempt to climb the highest peak of mount Everest. In his Mud Sweat And Tears book, Bear describes everything he had to go through to get out of there alive. It took him 90 days to complete his mission and achieve his aim. Ninety days in the so-called ‘dead zone’ 26,000 feet above ground. Bear was determined to succeed. Not event the extreme weather could stop him from his goal. He almost died at one point when the ice cracked under his feet. Luckily, he had his team-mate and his rope to save him from the terrible accident.

Bear fooled death several times. He survived a free-falling parachuting accident in Africa as well. Although he broke his back in three places, after few months of rehabilitation, he was like a new person again. Mud Sweat And Tears book is full of adventurous stories that he experienced throughout his life. Beside his bestseller Mud Sweat And Tears, Bear managed to write another remarkable book ‘Facing The Frozen Ocean’ as well as host his famous show Man vs Wild. What warms everyone’s hearts is the fact that Bear set on this dangerous expeditions to raise money for a number of children-related charities.