Discover the Power of Infrared Sauna

By Ava Brown, April 25, 2017

When it comes to staying healthy, there are certain things humankind has known for centuries. One of them is the power of sweating. Though it’s Finland that’s known as the origin country of the sauna, considering the name itself comes from Finnish meaning bathhouse, many ancient peoples are known to have resorted to the benefits of steamy baths, from Romans, to Russians and Native Americans.

The skin as the largest organ retains a great deal of toxins; even though it’s a strong barrier it’s still permeable and it’s not surprising to get a build up of toxins with all the potential sources we come across, the great amount of pollution primarily. This means our body urges for detoxification, because more often than not when toxins pile up, they can lead to numerous health issues, allergies, asthma, heart diseases and cancer among others. Taking this into account, we don’t need more persuasion on why we should take the ancient wisdom and tried out technique and make sweating time part of our pampering.

Infrared Sauna

Along with detoxifying, there’s another benefit that comes from sweating sessions and it’s one that can bring a smile to everyone’s face who’s dealing with weight imbalance: shedding extra kilos. Mind you, it’s not the traditional sauna, it’s actually the use of infrared sauna and weight loss effects. The reason this type of sauna is much better in this aspect is because the heat it works on makes the body sweat at lower temperatures people can tolerate better than those of traditional saunas, something those with heart diseases can look forward to.

The infrared light enters deeper through the skin where it burns the fat, and not surprisingly can help with getting rid of the annoying orange peel look – cellulite. As toxic waste stored in fat cells under the skin, particularly in the thighs and buttocks area, cellulite isn’t something the body can eliminate but with the help of infrared sauna and weight loss impact, you’d be able to wave it goodbye. As soon as the temperature increases, the blood starts flowing more freely making it possible for the lymphatic system to shift trapped waste through sweat.

Another great aspect about this type of sauna is you needn’t use it longer than half an hour to be able to get detoxification, which is perfect for people who aren’t used to such sweating sessions. A 15 minute session per day is enough to make you reap all the benefits. The models of saunas you’d find nowadays are based on use of latest technology, requiring minimal electricity with a firm construction ensuring deep body absorption of infrared rays, and their compact size means they are portable and fit for use anywhere in your home so you’d no longer have the excuse not to visit a spa, knowing you can have your own spa.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, there are many other health benefits that can do so, as they are the result of infrared sauna use; from boosting of the immune system and getting rid of colds and the flu, to increased blood flow, reduction of stress thanks to increased levels of endorphins, the happy hormones, and improved sleep – all in the power of good sweating.