Discover the Tremendous Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

By Ava Brown, April 5, 2018

Haven’t you noticed how people who have a beautiful smile somehow instantly appear more attractive and likeable? It’s no secret that the foundation of a gorgeous smile are healthy and pearly white teeth. However, a smile can quickly lose its attractiveness when teeth lose their white colour and sparkle. Unfortunately, due to many of our bad habits, such as smoking and having an unhealthy diet consisting of processed and sugary food, teeth discolouration is a problem that many people face today.


Luckily, there’s a safe and cost-efficient way to restore a smile’s natural white colour and improve its appeal – teeth whitening. While today, there are a plethora of tooth pastes, brushes, and home whitening kits promising to whiten your teeth instantly, often they do not yield the long-term results we so desperately want. However, dentist teeth whitening is a proven way to restore the glow of your pearly whites and keep them that way for years to come, and even decades if you make positive lifestyle changes and stick to good oral habits.

Throughout Australia, the best dental offices use an advanced procedure called Zoom to lighten the discolouration of enamel and dentin. It’s a 100% safe, non-invasive, and in-office procedure which on average takes 75 minutes to complete. As opposed to the practice in the past, when patients had to schedule several consecutive teeth whitening appointments, the Zoom technique only takes one appointment. This is all thanks to the advanced power chairside lamp that activates the 25% peroxide whitening and accelerates the bleaching process. A quick and convenient solution!

After the procedure is completed, patients usually are given a home-use touch-up kit that consists of custom-fitted whitening trays and instructions on how to use them. To ensure that the whitening effects of the treatment will last longer, it’s advisable to steer away from certain foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, soda, and so on.

In case you’re wondering, this procedure is not painful, however, some people may experience mild sensitivity during the treatment. The Zoom lamp produces only a small amount of heat, which does not cause any discomfort. After the procedure, it’s normal for patients to feel a bit of tingling which quickly disappears. If you struggle with some pre-existing conditions that make your teeth more sensitive and vulnerable, make sure that you mention this to your dentist prior to the treatment.

While most people are good candidates for dentist teeth whitening, it’s not recommended this procedure to be performed for children younger than 13 years, or on pregnant and lactating women as these groups have more vulnerable teeth.