Discover What Jesus Is To You With “Jesus Is” Book

By Ava Brown, January 14, 2015

Jesus Is____ is a Christian book, written by Judah Smith. This book was long on the New York Times list for best selling Christian books. The main question that readers are supposed to answer after reading this spiritual book is: What Jesus Is for you? Just like the title of the book.


Judah Smith is a well-known pastor from the City Church in Seattle, where he works with his wife Chelsea, with whom he has three children. In this book, Judah talks about Jesus, about the fact that we all should look at Him as our Saviour. The subtitle of the book is “Finding A New Way To Be Human.

The book Jesus is ____ is organized in six parts, and in each part the blank space is filled with different words. Smith fulfills the blank spaces with the words: “Your friend”, “Grace”, and “Alive”. The main goal of each part is to show the readers that they can use Jesus as example in order to become better persons. The author’s sayings are enriched with some important biblical truths about Jesus.

Jesus is_____, is not a standard theological book. It’s more like a educational book that teaches readers to praise Jesus as their Saviour. This profound book teaches Christians to see Jesus not like a biblical concept, but as a grace. The same grace turns into relationship with Jesus, a kind of relationship to which we should all respond. This Christian book will raise questions that readers haven’t answered before. What makes this book good for all Christians is that it presents new perspectives, and its profound message is leading to a closer relationship with Jesus. When you read this book it makes you think about the Church in a different way.

According to many critics, this book contains profound messages that will inspire every Christian to learn how to be a better person, and to understand the love of Jesus. Quickly after it was presented to the mass audience, the book became one of the most popular Christian books.