Discover What Makes Champion One of the Most Popular Clothing Brands Today

By Steven Harrisson, May 7, 2020

In order to succeed, a brand needs to be able to conform to society’s trends. It has to be able to change up their original identity, if needed, to create a product that people will love. A great example of this is Champion. Mainly known for its unique but simple logo, the brand that has been dominating the world of streetwear was initially focused on designing sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Over time, the company’s focus has shifted from the sports world and onto the popular culture. Being famous for their hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sneakers, book bags and more, Champion has now become a favourite among youngsters. Today, you can find Champion clothing in almost every trendy clothing store.

Champion clothing

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Why Is Champion Clothing Popular?

Founded in 1919 by William and Abrahan Feinbloom, the brand was originally called “Knickerbocker Knitting Company”. In 1923, the company decided to change its name to “Champion Athletics” and quickly found success from supplying the demand for athletic-wear and selling their products directly to college teams. Champion popularity increased rapidly among college teams and students as its products were being sold in college bookstores for students to wear.

Soon after that, the brand invented something that changed fashion wear forever – the hoodie. This garment was created to protect athletes from cold weather while training and their “Reverse Weave” technique soon followed. The Reverse Weave featured heat preventive and anti-shrink technologies which are still used in the brand’s designs. These pioneering technologies helped Champion strengthen its grip on sportswear, which became even more popular throughout the 20th century.


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In 1950, Champion introduced modern PE uniforms to help address low fitness levels in American children – it was the standard for decades to come. The uniforms were of high quality and were the first ones to be certified by the American Institute of Laundering. The brand continued to innovate in their athletic apparel program and was the first company to produce the Double Sided (or reversible) T-Shirt.

Champion was also the first one to create a breathable nylon mesh fabric  which became the standard fabric for basketball uniforms across the globe. The brand also changed the women’s athletic market by introducing stylish, mix-and-match PE uniforms in 1968. It soon became a leader in athletic feminine uniforms, and in 1977 pioneered the first comfortable women’s sports bra.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Champion clothing became popular among musicians and celebrities as well. It was the uniform for preps and jocks as well as for skaters and hip hop heads. After a collaboration with streetwear giant Supreme in 2010, the Champion logo began overtaking the streetwear world. The brand also partnered with streetwear mainstays like Off-White and Bape. These partnerships not only kept Champion’s name popular but have also shown the brand’s great versatility.

The fact that it’s been existing for 100 years now is only proof that Champion is a brand that people trust. When you combine its amazing heritage with its incredible products, innovative design, great fit and comfort, it’s easy to understand the brand’s popularity. As Champion celebrates 100 years, consumers can expect fresh products, new seasonal lines and additional collaborations. For the brand, the current growth isn’t a simple resurgence, it’s a continued building of momentum.

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Where Can You Buy Champion Clothing?

You can find Champion products in almost every trendy clothing store. And if you are really looking to dive into the world of Champion wear, be prepared to make tough decisions. The brand’s wide variety of cool clothing means you might find yourself confused about what exactly to buy. If you are a hoodie type of person, Champion is definitely the brand for you. Its hoodies are not only high quality and fashionable, but they also come at a reasonable price.

Sweatshirts are another popular piece designed by Champion. Not stepping away from their original design, the brand still manufactures nice-looking sweatshirts that are comfortable and fashionable. You can also find an array of some really nice accessories such as chains, hats and fanny packs that can complement your outfit in more ways than one.

The brand’s online community is strong and serves as a great hub for streetwear style inspiration for customers to see online, via social media, or in-person. So, if you’re in desperate need for some great style inspiration, go ahead and check out the Champions online community. You won’t regret it!