Discover What Pulls the HiLux Ahead of Other Light Commercial Vehicles

By Steven Harrisson, January 9, 2018

The Toyota HiLux has a reputation of being unbreakable. It’s one of Australia’s tradies favourite ute vehicles, and it’s incredibly popular among off-road enthusiasts as well. The sheer reliability it offers is a major reason, alongside the fact that Toyota offers the Toyota Advantage program, which offers low-cost, capped price servicing for the first 60.000km or three years after the purchase, depending on which milestone you reach first.

Toyota Hilux

However, probably the biggest advantage HiLux owners enjoy is the Toyota HiLux part availability, which is a direct result of its popularity. You’ll easily come across both OEM and aftermarket Toyota HiLux part manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who offer genuine equipment and parts that typically come with a full year warranty, at least. This is mainly because the parts are made with the same standards and ruggedness as the HiLux itself.

Moreover, Australia is full of Toyota trained technicians who live and breathe HiLux. That being said, there’s nobody better at working on a HiLux than a person who works on them day in, day out. Toyota requires these technicians to undergo specific training programs, which equips them with the knowledge and experience needed to tackle every HiLux-related issue.

But the Toyota Advantage and part availability are only worth to you in case things go wrong, which doesn’t happen all that much. The HiLux offers incredible value and features that matter. It’s built on a solid ladder chassis and has a towing capacity of aproximately 2500kg. Additionally, it can carry anywhere between 850kg and 1400kg in the tray alone, and has heavy-duty protection plates guarding its major components.

The driving experience is also something you can’t overlook. Whether you’re driving through traffic downtown, or you’re out off the beaten trail, the HiLux will provide one of the best driving experiences in the light commercial vehicle spectrum. Most models have great handling, a comfortable driving position and decent steering, which makes them feel very sedan-like. The independent suspension increases the comfort in the cabin while a live axle setup in the rear provides a robust cradle for heavy loads.

And last but not least, the HiLux has over 20 varieties on the Australian market. This practically means that there’s a HiLux model that can accommodate anyone. They’re available with aluminium tray-back for the hardworking heavy-duty tradie and in sporty-style with a sleeker design for those who want a great looking vehicle to commute with. There are also three engine choices available, in both manual and automatic transmissions.