Discover Workstation Ergonomics: An Ergo Mouse to Eliminate Discomfort

By Ava Brown, August 31, 2020

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy and can’t even hold mom’s spaghetti? Chances are, your workstation is causing you some serious health problems. Nowadays, everyone spends more time in front of computers. Whether you work, study or you enjoy PC gaming, you’re constantly doing repetitive motions and you probably catch yourself doing some awkward movements to click and select between the countless columns and rows or to nail that double kill.

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Doing repetitive movements or contorting your hand for long periods can cause immense discomfort that will eventually result with a more serious injury. Luckily, there’s a way to prevent this.

Welcome to the world of workstation ergonomics! Discover the numerous benefits that arise by using an ergonomic computer mouse. Ergonomic mice can significantly improve your quality of life and here’s how.

What Is an Ergonomical Mouse?

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Ergonomical mouse is a computer mouse that’s designed to fit your hand like a glove. It can have a classic shape that mirrors your hand or a vertical, handshake design that eliminates forearm twisting. Moreover, you can opt for a trackball pointing device that requires less wrist and hand movement thus making your computing experience smoother, faster and easier. Wireless ergo mice will give you more freedom from the desk and aid your work posture. There are also roller bar mice that allow for the hands to comfortably sit and make varying work posture simple.

The best part about ergonomically designed mice is that they’re suitable for everyone. Small, medium or large hands, right or left-handers, there are solutions for each individual.

Some high-quality ergonomic mice come with grooved buttons that’ll allow your fingertips to naturally rest in the grooves. This will also secure the mouse in your hand and make cursor movements more precise. A good ergo mouse should have several programmable buttons that are easy to reach to eliminate any unnecessary strains. The buttons should be easy for clicking and require minimum force, but also firm enough to avoid any accidental clicks.

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The design and the hand placement should ensure that minimal gripping is required to control the mouse. This way, your ergo mouse will provide support and comfort to your hand and forearm and minimize strain from your fingers to your neck.

Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse

There are numerous benefits of using an ergonomic computer mouse; it reduces the risk of mouse arm syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, but to name a few.

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Mouse Arm Syndrome or simply Mouse Arm refers to the pain, discomfort and tension in the hand, arm or shoulder caused by excessive use of a computer mouse. Mouse ergonomics can help alleviate discomfort by preventing your hand and fingers from contorting in unnatural positions. These mice will also protect you from developing a repetitive strain injury.

There are several types of repetitive strain injuries and some of them are caused by the use of modern devices such as computer mice. The symptoms range from tenderness or pain in the affected joint to loss of strength in your dominant hand. Some of the conditions that may arise from RSI are bursitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful compression of the median nerve that can cause numbness, tingling weakness in your hand. If left untreated, it can worsen over time and you might need surgery to cure it.

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Ergonomic mice are designed to reduce the actions that contribute to Mouse Arm Syndrome, RSI and CTS and they can even help those who suffer from arthritis. Thanks to the clever design you won’t have to twitch, strain, and stretch or put tension and pressure on your fingers, hand and forearm.

Why You Should Buy Ergonomic Mouse?

If you haven’t experienced these types of problems yet, you may be wondering whether an ergonomics mouse is worth it. However, you should know that the conditions explained above don’t happen overnight and they can slowly cause long-term damage. Prevention is always better than cure and investing in an ergonomically designed mouse is a smart decision.

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Then, no matter if you’re a workaholic or full-time gamer, ergonomic mice can boost your performance. The additional level of customization that comes with this type of mice will make you more efficient. Just imagine how convenient that easy to reach button would be when you navigate through spreadsheets or how much faster you would cast a spell in RPG’s if your finger naturally rests on the grooves.

Next, using an ergonomically designed mouse will improve your overall health and well-being by reducing fatigue. Long working hours and complex mental demands during computer work increase muscular activity in the hands, forearms, shoulders and neck. Many people think that office work is generally safe because of the sedentary position and they aren’t aware of all the physical effort that goes with desk work.

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Repetitive movements and being uncomfortable for long periods of time can make you feel tired and worn out. Over time, this can progress to chronic fatigue that will not only interfere with the quality of your work, but it will also compromise your immune system and increase stress levels. The minimal gripping required with ergonomic mice will release the tension of the muscles and joints. Soon after you switch to this ergo tool, you will feel fatigue melting away.

Finally, modern problems require modern solutions. The teardrop design that resembles a small rodent is timeless, but it wasn’t created for such long hours of work and it may not always meet modern-day living needs. In these stressful times, the least you can do is to invest in your comfort because you need to stay productive and you deserve to feel comfortable and happy.

Final Thoughts

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Even majestic creatures like elephants don’t want anything to do with bad mice, so why should you? Start transforming your workstation piece by piece and buy ergonomic mouse as soon as possible because it’s time to experience desk work and gaming with a difference.