Discovering the Different Features of Safety Boots

By Steven Harrisson, October 25, 2018

Laying the foundation for worker’s safety starts from the ground up. Many people don’t really realize the huge importance of wearing proper safety footwear while working until they suffer the consequences. So if you have ever injured your foot/feet significantly, then you know that what you put on your feet is of the essence. So, if your profession includes a higher level of stress and a risk for your feet, then it’s time to consider your options.

Safety Work Boots1

Today, there is a huge variety of safety boots on the market, ranging from ones with proprietary technologies and the latest cutting-edge additions to the world of safety footwear. Nevertheless, it is hard to put a price tag on safety and comfort, so don’t try to save pennies on the dollar and choose the right pair for you. Let’s talk about the different kinds of work boots that might suit your needs.

Steel-Toed Boots

As their name implies, steel-toed boots are designed with a reinforced material around the toe area. This keeps your toes well-protected from accidents, trauma and other similar unexpected mishaps. Steel work boots are very durable and offer a great level of protection which is ideal for harsh outdoor or high-heat environments. They are slip-resistant and usually come with a gel-cushioned footbed that adds a lasting safety and comfort. Steel work boots are the minimum requirement for workers in mills, industrial businesses and other environments that include heavy machinery and exposure to risk factors.

Steel Insole Boots

This is another pretty self-explanatory name – shoes with steel insoles are designed for a specific purpose – they are meant for people whose feet undergo a great amount of wear and tear on their workplace. They are commonly worn by forklift operators, truck drivers, or people from other professions who are required to push heavy pedals with their feet. Although it may sound rather counter-intuitive, steel insole shoes are one of the most comfortable types in this category.

Metal Instep Boots

This kind of protective footwear provides protection from all angles. Metal instep shoes have been specifically designed to protect your feet from pointy and sharp objects like glass pieces, nails, and other metal objects. They are most commonly worn in factory settings where there are glass and nails usually present in the everyday working environment. If you work in such an environment wearing them is of the essence as the metal instep prevents sharp objects from penetrating into your footwear and injuring you.