Explore How God Can Do The Impossible With Facing The Giants Movie

By Steven Harrisson, April 28, 2015

Have you ever felt as if nothing in your life is going as planned? Do you know that feeling when you know things have gone out of your control and you are unable to change absolutely nothing? To be honest, at a certain point in life, we all experience different difficulties, challenges and obstacles. It is in this moments we cry out to God in desperation and ask Him why do events in our lives do not go as planned. Just like Grant Taylor, the main character of the Christian drama, Facing The Giants.


Facing The Giants movie is an educational story which can teach you how to handle the difficult challenges in life you have to deal with. This Christian drama was filmed in 2006 under the direction of Alex Kendrick. Besides being a director and writer, the American author is also a film actor, producer and pastor at the Sherwood Baptist Church, headquartered in Albany, Georgia. Alex Kendrick also plays the main character in the Facing The Giants movie.

Alex plays the role of a high-school football coach named Grant Taylor and the whole story of the movie revolves around the rough period the coach is going through. He had been coaching an underdog football team for six years, but has never had a winning season. Everything he does is not enough to stop his team from the long-time losing streak. Meanwhile, in his private life, Grant’s marriage is on the verge of divorce due to the fact that he is infertile and can’t have a child with his wife.

The giants that Grant Taylor faces in the movie are fear and failure. He is simply unable to stop the unwanted from happening. One of the two scenes in the Facing The Giants movie that clearly capture his devastation are when he arrives home and sees his wife in desperation with another negative pregnancy test. The other scene is when Grant overhears fathers of two of the boys in his team talking about replacing him with another coach.

Devastated and hopeless, with no strength to keep on fighting, Grant Taylor cries out to God and seeks His help. Just when he was about to lose faith, Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, and this will eventually be the turning point in his life. He motivates his players to work harder and to believe that with the help of God, they can do everything. He encourages them to keep believing in the power of God and to never give up, regardless of the circumstances.

Facing The Giants movie will inspire you and give you the hope you need to overcome all your troubles. All you need to do is to never lose faith in God and be prepared for His help. God will do the impossible but only if you are ready. Find time to watch this amazing and inspiring drama. You will not regret it.