Explore Rick Warren’s 40 Days in The Word

By Steven Harrisson, July 24, 2015

Are you looking for a reliable source that will be your guide to learn, love and live by the word of God like you never did before? If so, look no further than the 40 Days In The Word starter pack. The 200-page guide is designed to encourage healthy spiritual habits. It includes Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods (paperback), 40 Days In the Word: Work Book (paperback), and two DVDs – a group DVD and a resource disk.

The 40 Days In The Word starter pack covers six powerful lessons and simple ways to not only love God, but to also learn and live the Word. This amazing Bible study is a master-piece of well-known Christian pastor, Rick Warren.


Meet The Author

Rick Warren is an American evangelical Christian pastor and author. He is best known for writing the New York Times best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life. Moreover, he is the author of one of the “100 Christian books that changed the 20th century”, the Purpose Driven Church, a guide to church, ministry and evangelism. Rick Warren is the founder of the eight-largest church in the United States, Saddleback Church. With serving as a pastor at the Saddleback Church, and with his books, Warren teaches and inspires millions of Christians world wide, to learn, love and live by the God’s Word.

Why Get The 40 Days In The Word Starter Pack

For every Christian, it is important to understand the value and power of God’s Word. By understanding the real meaning of the Word of God, you will not only gain the right knowledge about the meaningful truth about Christianity, but will also be able to transform your life. Literally. You cannot transform your life with the power of God’s Word only by reading and remembering citations from the Bible. What you ought to do is to put the Word of God into practice. “If we want our lives to be blessed by God we must become “doers of the word”, James 1:22-25 (KJV).
The main purpose of the 40 Days In The Word starter pack is to teach Christians to be ‘doers’ of God’s Word, instead of passive ‘hearers’. This edition will be your journey of eternal significance. With the 40 Days In The Word starter pack, Rick Warren once again proves his reputation for being “America’s most influential spiritual leader”. The combination of six lessons, each lasting 25 minutes, and 200 pages workbook will be your best source of inspiration to get into the real meaning and value of the Word of God.