Explore The Biblical Movie One Night With The King

By Steven Harrisson, June 25, 2015

The movie One Night With The King is a piece of art which will astonish every Christian. Being both a Jewish woman’s memoir and a palace thriller, this extraordinary scenario brings the ancient tale of Esther to life.

The movie tells the story of Hadassah through adventure, action, intensity, plenty of intrigue and suspense. The main protagonists in this movie are the Persian King Xerxes I and Hadassah (Esther).


This is a narrative found in the Old Testament Book of Esther, and it is one of the most treasured sources of comfort and inspiration because it vividly portrays God’s personal care and protection for His Chosen People.

Hadassah is a beautiful woman, whose people have been enslaved by some of the most powerful kingdom on the planet and her parents were killed before she even had the chance to get to know them. Taken care of by her kindly uncle which is a royal scribe, Esther grows into a magnificent woman. The King Xerxes falls in love with her and soon she becomes the Queen of Persia. However, trouble starts stirring in this land and a malevolent minister tries to persuade the King to extinct all Jews.

When this young Jewish orphan girl became the Queen of Persia, she had no idea that God would use her to prevent the great tragedy of the Jews. Through the intriguing story full of suspense, the spectators get to know and respect the strong female character of Hadassah. The movie One Night With The King will remind you how perfect the plans of God are and how He puts people in certain situations so that His will and work are carried out. Even when we find ourselves in pain and hardship, we must not forget that God puts us through all of that to teach us a lesson and make us stronger.

Hadassah is portrayed as a woman who is not only lovable but also wise and brave. She sets an extraordinary example of personal sacrifice. Although she is at first hesitant, she willingly risks her life and stands up to the King and Haman (the man who almost succeeded in convincing the king to extinct all the Jews in the land) to save her people. Xerxes is a man who carefully makes his decisions and falls in deep love with Hadassah. But will he accept her request and save the woman he loves?

This resembles the sacrifice of our Messiah, Jesus, who gave his life to redeem humanity. After all, God puts through hard times only those who are strong enough to endure. Often times, the circumstances we ask God to change, are the ones He is using to change us. Take the time to watch the incredible movie One Night With The King and find out for yourself. You will be amazed.