Explore The Evidence For Jesus With Strobel’s Case For Christ

By Ava Brown, February 23, 2015

Case for Christ is a Christian book written by the American author, pastor, journalist and apologist, Lee Strobel who has earned his reputation for writing Christian inspired books. The popularity and the value of his work has been proven with the ECPA Christian Book Award, which he has received for four of his books.

What’s interesting about this author is the fact that he from an avowed atheist turned into a completely devoted Christian. His transformation from atheism to Christianity is the main theme in the book Case for Christ. In fact, in this book the author presents his journey of transformation, since it did not happen overnight.


Everything happened after one conversation Strobel had with his wife. The conversation prompted Lee Strobel to start exploring the Biblical claims about Christ and to look for evidences about Jesus. The investigation of the Bible was the turning point in his life, and reason for his transformation from atheist to a dedicated Christian. Moreover, besides his change, Strobel became a member of the Willow Creek Association, where he now holds speeches in churches in cities and states all across the US.

Case for Christ is one of the four award-winning books written by this author. The book consists of interviews with 13 religious and historical scholars. The scholars like: Louis Lapides, Gregory Boyd, D.A. Carson, J. P. Moreland, Craig Blomberg, Gary Habermas, Bruce Metzger are Gary Collins proven authorities in their fields of work.The evangelical scholars Lee Strobels interviewed, explain in detail their views on the historical reliability of the New Testament. The structure of the book is organized into three parts: Examining the Record, Analyzing Jesus and Researching the Resurrection.

The authority of the scholars whose views are represented and explained in the book Case for Christ, contribute for asserting the relevancy and the reliability of the book. The fact that this book achieved great appreciation and success in the Christian community in the USA and broader, including the Australian community, is a proof that the author achieves the main goal of the book Case for Christ: to give a veracious proof for the veracity of the New Testament.

Case For Christ is book worth reading since it gives you the possibility to explore the evidence for Jesus. You will be surprised to see how many things are there to be learned and discovered. You won’t be able to put the book down; you will be eager to read it in one breath.