Explore Your Faith With Every Day With Jesus

By Ava Brown, February 26, 2015

Christianity is one of the oldest and largest religions in the world. However, many young Christians leave church, mostly because of lack of knowledge and because they have not been introduced to the joys of Christian living.

Every Day With Jesus is a great and relevant handbook if you are new to the Christian faith or need the basics presented to you clearly and dynamically. The book will lead you through 30 days of Bible readings and commentaries that will help you understand what it means to be a Christian.


How many times have you been in an awkward and uncomfortable situation when people asked you questions about Christianity but you had no idea what to answer. Like you, many others have experienced this at some point. Every Day With Jesus is a booklet created exactly for those who are exploring their faith for the first time as is about what you can do when your faith is put in question.

How many times have you asked yourself if it’s wrong to have doubts about God? Many say you shouldn’t question anything regarding God and faith, however, when your friends ask you if you believe in Jesus, they seem not to be convinced with your simple ‘I have faith’ answer. Although your friends know you are Christian, they want to know what you think about it and why you believe in Jesus.

Before you face tough conversations, read Every Day With Jesus and try to memorize some of the reading and commentaries. This will help you answer your friends questions and feel more confident about your answers. And if you still find such situation uncomfortable, pray silently to God. He will give you peace and wisdom.

When you experience real faith, excitement and happiness will fulfill your soul. And you don’t have to be ashamed to admit something you don’t know. Because God is so much bigger than you can ever imagine, sometimes it is absolutely normal and OK not to know or have an answer. When in such situation, the best thing is to admit that you don’t know the answer and offer to research about the subject latter.

Every Day With Jesus will help you find your faith and start loving Jesus, so you can share your personal experiences with friends. Your personal examples can really help them explore their faith more than you think. Share with them your life story about a dark and tough period and how God has helped you deal with it.