Explore Your Theological Understanding With Paul Young’s “The Shack”

By Steven Harrisson, December 11, 2014

Looking for a heart touching book that will bring you closer to God? Then, make sure you enrich your book collection with Paul Young’s best seller “The Shack”. This powerful book stayed on the New York Time best seller list for couple of years. ”The Shack” became one of the best fiction novels ever written. Initially, Paul Young wrote this book as a gift for his six children, however, his friends convinced him to publish the book in 2006. With the help of Wayne Jacobson, Brad Cummings and Bobby Downes, Paul succeeded to create a master peace.

The author of ”The Shack” is actually a Canadian, who was raised among a Stone Age tribe in New Guinea. He was brought there by his parents, who were sent there with a mission to convert the tribe into Christians. As a kid, he was abused for years, and his parents were not even aware of it. But, he didn’t give up. His faith in God helped him to overcome the difficult childhood. According to Paul, God is involved in our lives. Paul’s intentions were not to create a best seller, he just wrote what was inside his heart, the rest is God’s deed.


Young’s book ”The Shack” is about a man who rediscovers his lost faith after his daughter was kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer. Mack, the main character in the book, takes his three children on a camping trip to Wallowa, Oregon. While playing in a canoe, one of Mack’s sons falls and starts to drown. Luckily, Mack is there to save him. He prevented one tragedy, but another came along the way. One day, his daughter Missy was left alone in the camp. A serial killer kidnaps Missy and kills her in a Shack. The police searched everywhere, but they couldn’t find the body, just her bloody clothing left in an abandoned Shack. Mack was devastated, he couldn’t get over his lost.

Four years later, Mack receives a note in his mailbox. Someone was inviting him back to the Shack where his daughter was murdered. What he will find there, will change his entire life. He will be healed from all of his grief, and will learn how to let his anger. “The Shack” is actually a metaphor for all the pain, shame and grief people store inside their souls. Everyone is afraid of showing emotions to the rest of the world. “The Shack” is actually a house that we build from our own pain. Paul Young’s book ”The Shack” turned out to be a quick selling phenomenon. A touching story of a man who lost his daughter under tragic circumstances, and how his world was changed during a moment of sadness. God never leaves his children alone. Recommended book for all Christian believers for rediscovering their faith in God.