Exploring Bodum Kitchenware

By Ava Brown, June 24, 2015

It’s always good to have few practical items in your kitchen that not necessarily need to be branded or expensive. Every housewife has them. But, it is definitely more appealing to the eye to have an entire kitchenware set from the same brand.


Of course, this set needs to contain everything you need, so your kitchen can be complete. One of those brands that offer you an entire palette of kitchenware is Bodum. Founded in 1944, Bodum is a Danish company that offers tableware and kitchenware of high quality and very cute design. So, let’s explore Bodum kitchenware and see what you can make your set of.

  • Glasses – Bodum kitchenware includes an entire glassware section. The cutest tea glasses are from Bodum! They have steel handles and can be bought individually or as a set of two. They come in two different sizes, 300 and 350ml.
  • Tea pots – Bodum tea pots are so fancy! They are basically a bowl with a handle, and the handle comes in 4 colours: green, red, black and white. It is a perfect match to the tea glasses.
  • Bistro kettles – Made in different colours, with measuring scale installed, these kettles come in two main sizes: small (0.5l) and large (1.1l). Both are electrical, and the large kettle comes with transparent walls, so you can see your water boiling.
  • Blenders – Bodum offers amazing blenders. This powerhouse with a very stylish design that comes also in various colours, features 5 speeds and a jug of 1.25l. Just put it on and it’s ready to prepare you smoothies and soups to your specific taste!
  • Bread bin – The bread bin is an important piece of every kitchenware. Bodum kitchenware offers bread bins that will give life to your kitchen, since they come in multiple colours: red, green, opaque, white and black. Being both beautiful and practical, this is the kitchen gadget you will always have within a hand’s reach.
  • Can openers – Made from stainless steel with silicone grips, these can openers will perfectly complement your Bodum kitchenware set.
  • Electric Coffee grinder – Small, very cute, practical, Bodum coffee grinder is a must. Your coffee will finally start tasting as it should, as this grinder produces the finest coffee powder ever. Plus, it comes in different colours, so you can combine it with the rest of your Bodum kitchenware.
  • Whisks – For cake making to omelet preparation, Bodum whisks have a sturdy construction, and a silicone grip, totally easy to work with.
  • Measuring spoons – It’s a set of 4 spoons: ¼, a ½ and 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon and a ring that holds them all together. The set comes in different colours to choose from.
  • Pancake turners – It’s the must-have piece, especially if you love making pancakes. You can also use this for other cooking purposes like for cooking fish or steaks. To complement your entire Bodum kitchenware, these turners come in various colours.