Exploring Lelo Body Massager

By Ava Brown, October 6, 2015

The Lelo body massager or the Tara is the first ever couples massager and is said to revolutionize sex lives around the world, deigned to be worn by women while making love. Once again Lelo has released a revolutionary toy that offers something exciting and pleasurable for both partners. Unlike so many sex toys, the Tara has had raving reviews, as it does not slip and slide like other toys, nor is difficult to use. Simply put, the Lelo body massager will transform your love life.


The woman is to insert the arm of the Tara into her vagina and the round top part is designed to give hands free clitoral stimulation. The next step would be for a penis or dildo to be inserted into the vagina. Unlike other vibrators designed for couples which often have disappointing results, the Lelo body massager guarantees more clitoral stimulation for females who cannot reach orgasm with penetration alone.

The Lelo body massager is rechargeable; it is charged by USB port and requires 2 hours to charge before it is used. During charging, a light will flash on and off, when the Tara is fully charged the light will stay steady. The light will also flash on and off if the battery is running low so you are not caught by surprise with the Lelo body massager turning off mid way through intercourse.

To turn the Tara on, there is a single button on the front, making this sex toy easy to use. There are also 6 different settings for stimulation. The first is a continuous vibration, the second a slow pulse, the third a fast pulse, the fourth a slow wave, the fifth a fast wave and number six random mode of all other five. However there is no control over the rotating arm, the arm will rotate on every mode so if that’s not your thing or something you enjoy, maybe the Tara isn’t for you. While in use, this massager will not stop working if the rotating arm is somehow pinned down and unable to move, the clitoral pad will rotate in its place. You can use the Tara for solo purposes, with a dildo or intercourse with your partner.


The Tara comes in brand’s usual luxury packaging. Cleaning the Tara is quick and easy as it is made from silicone and is waterproof, making it soft and safe for use on the body. Just use warm soapy water to clean this Lelo body massager but be careful not to get any bodily fluids, water or lube in the charging port. The Tara comes with a pouch to store it in when it is not in use. A water based lubricant is recommended as it is easier to clean off silicone without damaging it.

The Tara is great for both male and female stimulation; a man can feel the vibration while is inserted in the woman and the woman gets both clitoral stimulation and penetration. This is an exciting toy that brings something to the bedroom that both partners can enjoy. The Lelo body massager is designed to heighten the pleasure levels between both partners while being sexy and keeping the intimacy between the two. Bringing something new and exciting ensures a great experience for both partners every time.