Exploring the Different Types of Toyota Hilux Exhaust Systems

By Steven Harrisson, May 6, 2019

Every vehicle needs an exhaust system that will remove the gasses from the engine that occur as a result of combustion. Bigger vehicles need more power and more power is generated through a higher air intake, which results in a greater emission of gasses. Since pickups, like the Toyota Hilux, also need to support an additional load – the air intake and gas release is much greater. And although every exhaust system does virtually the same thing, there are 5 different types of car exhaust systems today.

Toyota Hilux exhaust systems  1

Single Exit

This exhaust has only one pipe that stretches throughout the entire system which provides a solid performance. The exhaust pipe on this system is positioned on the passenger’s side on the rear of the vehicle. Typically, factory-made Toyota Hilux exhaust systems are single exit and they are quite affordable.

Dual Side

The dual side exhaust system is very similar to the single exit, but it is more efficient. The design of this exhaust resembles the single exit one a lot except that it has two exit pipes positioned together. The smaller diameter exit pipes make for a deeper sound similar to the one found in high-performance exhausts, with the exception of their price tag.

Toyota Hilux exhaust systems 

Dual Rear

If you want to make your Hilux both look and sound like a sports car, go for a dual rear exhaust system. Toyota Hilux exhaust systems of this kind go around the wheels but with the dual rear, you have the exit pipes positioned on the sides of the bumper. They too are better at expelling gas than single exit systems.

Opposite Dual

You will benefit more from opposite dual systems if you are often towing heavy loads. This is because the exit pipes are wrapped around the vehicle in order to release the residue from the cargo that is being pulled. The bending around the wheel makes for a better filtering process.

High Performance

Although a more expensive option, high-performance systems offer a far better sound, performance, and efficiency from the rest. Since they are custom made, their installation is very specific which, in turn, gives the vehicle a more unique look and sound. This system is installed as an add on and it has the option for wider pipes which provide even better performance.