Find Out How to Choose a Proper Strap for Your Kid’s Guitar

By Ava Brown, July 29, 2020

All guitarists (even the little ones) deserve to have all the right accessories in order to improve their playing experience. And while the type of guitar strings and guitar picks have a major role in shaping one’s sound, having a good guitar strap can certainly come in handy, especially when the little guitarist wants to play standing. Since guitar straps are designed to improve playing while in a standing position, choosing quality, durable and a comfortable children guitar strap is paramount.

kids acoustic guitar strap

How to Pick a Guitar Strap?

One of the most common misconception people have is that there are different types of straps for different kids guitars. The truth is that guitar straps are all the same for all three basic types of guitars (bass, acoustic, electric), however, some strap models can work better with a certain type of guitar. For instance, longer and bulkier guitar straps work better with bass guitars as the instrument itself is larger and heavier. When it comes to choosing a strap for your electric and acoustic guitar, the only difference is in the attachment method. Usually, kids acoustic guitar strap models have one strap on the bottom of the body. The other side of the strap needs to be attached to the headstock with a string. Straps for electric guitars have two strap buttons on the body, making the attachment quite easy.

How to Attach Guitar Strap to Acoustic Guitar?

While attaching the strap on electric and bass guitar is easy because of the two buttons, sometimes attaching a strap on an acoustic guitar can be daunting. The reason for this is the missing button which is a common thing in these types of guitars. Luckily, there are few interesting ways to attach a kids acoustic guitar strap without putting too much effort. From using shoelaces to installing a strap button, attaching a strap on an acoustic guitar can be fun. You just need to find the most comfortable way for you and your kid. In fact, this could be a fun DIY project with your little one.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Strap


Generally speaking, the standard straps are adjustable and can be adjusted to approximately 1 metre which can be suitable for any kid. The adult versions, on the other hand, can be adjusted up to 1.5 metres. However, if your kid is quite tall and he/she loves playing on a heavier guitar, then you should consider investing in a longer strap or at least one that can extend more than 1 metre.

Strap Width

Strap Width

Except for the length, the strap width also matters. Generally speaking, the width of kids guitar straps is around 4cm, however, they can be a little bit thicker in case, the instrument is too heavy. Choosing a wider strap can be also great for those kids who love to play for an extended period of time since these straps can significantly improve their comfort.

Locking Mechanism

One of the most basic things guitarists struggle with is the tendency of the strap to slip off the instrument. The main factors for this is the guitar’s weight, the wear and tear of the strap end and the player’s movements. This is the reason why so many people decide to opt for a strap made with custom locking mechanism like clip locks or strap locks.

Strap Material

Strap Material

The last but not least thing you need to take into account is the material. According to professionals, the combination of the used materials is one of the most important things that can add to the comfort. Except for that, the strap’s material can also determine its durability as well. One of the main types of materials used for guitar straps are polypropylene, nylon, cotton, leather and neoprene or also known as memory foam. The most commonly used materials for guitar straps are polypropylene and nylon. Except for being affordable, these materials are durable and can be easily dyed which is of vital importance for making kids guitar straps. Kids love colourful things, so except the basic plain colour guitar straps for kids, you can pick from the many colourful versions that can come in a range of designs.

As you can see, choosing kid’s guitar strap can be easy as pie, only if you take into account all of the important things. This, in fact, is essential if you want to invest in a strap that will add to your kid’s comfort while playing. Nothing can be more annoying than a slippery guitar strap, so going through all of the important things will help you choose the right one.