Find Out Which Types of Dress Shoes Every Woman Should Have

By Ava Brown, September 17, 2020

Every woman dreams of having a walk-in shoe closet where she’ll place every pair she loves. However, what good is a closet full of every shoe that caught your eye if you still can’t find the perfect pair for a formal occasion? Many of us get easily seduced by flashy, colourful and uncomfortable shoes that can’t be paired with a formal outfit. If you don’t want to be caught off-guard next time you’re invited to a business dinner party or a black-tie wedding, it’s best to invest in some of the essential dress shoes.

When it comes down to the essential, there is only a number of shoes that every woman should have and which won’t make clutter in her closet. I know it’s hard to have only five pairs, and that anything less than ten seems impossible. But still, let’s check out this narrowed list of dress up shoes for women that are perfect for special occasions.

Nude Stilettos


These are your best friend when you don’t know which shoes to pick for a formal or dressy outfit. Nude heels will make your legs look longer and fit any combination and colour. Do you want to wear a little black dress? Get your nude heels on. A stylish pantsuit and a white shirt – get nude heels to complete the style. The beauty about these heels is that they are excellent for any time of the day, any place and can work well with both simple and colourful outfits.

Classic Black Pumps

black pumps outfit


You don’t have to wear the often-uncomfortable stilettos, especially if you own a pair of classic black pumps. When looking for dress up shoes for women, the first thing that shows up is these hot, elegant and classy black pumps. They fit anything from a little black dress to a jumpsuit and suit well any woman no matter her age.

Plus, you don’t have to reserve them for special occasions only. These shoes are so versatile that you can wear them at work, at a date, a night out dancing with the girls, you name it. Worn and loved by all women around the world (from Hollywood A-listers to girls who are going for a job interview), black pumps are a shoe-closet essential that you must have.

Statement Heels

When it comes to ladies dress up shoes, we all want to feel funky at times and would gladly wear a pair of heels that have rhinestones, butterflies or other decoration. While they can be tricky to match with different outfits, they are especially great when it comes to making a safe and boring look stand out more.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Your ankle strap sandals will be a great match for summer dresses and cocktail attire. Wedges or thin heels, such sandals will do an amazing job for your fun summer nights, long day at work, or even for more elegant events such as weddings.

Pick a colour that will match as many outfits as possible. Go with a pair of black or nude sandals if you want to wear them frequently. Hot red, orange or pink are lovely summer colours and can make even the simplest outfits look fun and stylish.

Wedge Shoes

wedge sandals outfits


You know you need these because they work perfectly with day dresses, skirts and trousers. Are you heading to a beach wedding? You know that heels will dig in the sand and your wedge sandals will keep you balanced and safe. Pick your wedge sandals in neutral colours (nude, pastel pink or beige) so you can combine them with different outfits.

Ankle Boots

vionic ankle boots

source: @vionicshoes

Ankle boots are an essential pair of shoes for when you feel cool and want to make a statement with your minimalist outfit. While they aren’t appropriate for a wedding, for instance, you can totally rock them at a conference or other business event. Ankle boots should feel comfortable on your feet and if you want to keep things business-formal. go for basic colours such as black, brown or grey. Combine them with jeans, classic trousers, dresses or skirts – anything goes.

Tall Boots

womens tall boots

source: @eccoshoes

Whether heeled or flat, a pair of sleek leather tall boots can make your winter outfits a notch cooler (but in a good way). Once the cold season starts, you would need a pair of shoes that will keep your legs warm but will also look stylish, elegant and classy. Tall boots are sexy no matter how you wear them. Combine them with a short dress and feel confident. The classic black or brown tall boots are a perfect idea.

Ballerina Flats

ballerina flats

source: @vionicshoes

Ballerina flats are here to stay. These are your go-to shoes for formal occasions where you want to stay comfortable. Wearing ballerina flats will make you feel free, light and like you can do anything. These shoes will also add a feminine touch to your outfit, even if it’s a classic office suit. When it comes to colours, the basics (black, white, brown) will be practical for any outfit. But, be playful, these shoes are also ideal for some prints (snake, floral) and can easily make a statement if you pick them in a bright vivid colour (hot pink or red).