Grease for Peace: Learn How Lubrication Helps Keep Machinery In One Piece

By Steven Harrisson, April 12, 2017

Machines are highly complex sets made up of multiple different parts. In order to better understand their needs, think of a machine as a living organism. Despite their nutritional differences, all living organisms have one thing in common – the basic need of water to keep them alive. In this regard, same as organisms, there are different machines: those that run on electrical power and those that run on fuel, and then there are others, advanced ones, running on wind or solar energy; yet, they all need their water. The water that helps sustain industrial machines is grease.

Industrial Hardware Supply

Ask any experienced machine operator and they’d tell you the adequate grease can benefit the whole industrial hardware supply and machinery in a number of ways.

First of all, when you think of grease, you immediately recognise its primary purpose – lubricating machine parts and removing any friction that might slow them down or make them jam. Logically, in an industrial environment, even the smallest halt in operation can be your worst enemy. A factory running thousands of processes simultaneously needs fast and reliable machines working around the clock, thus good machine lubrication helps maximise operating time which results in greater productivity.

Machine parts constantly brushing and grinding with each other can experience quite the wear and tear. If even just one part breaks, the whole machine becomes inoperable. This is where grease saves the day. A coat of grease can serve as a protective layer reducing impact shocks on bearings, the friction between metal and metal, and help prevent any possible scrapes that can happen due to high speed movements. By regularly lubricating the machines, one can prevent premature failure of bearings and other parts which increases their overall life span for years. This greatly cuts down a factory’s costs considering money would otherwise be spent on fixing machines or buying brand new ones.

Environmental factors also have a huge impact on the state of industrial hardware supply. Machinery operated out in the open or in and around water is incredibly susceptible to defects caused by rust and corrosion. Regular use of water resistant grease can prevent the process of oxidation which occurs whenever metal is exposed to humid or wet conditions for some time. However, grease doesn’t only prevent corrosion on the outside of a machine, as it can also stop it from forming in the delicate inside. By rubbing it on any openings in a machine, grease can form a protective seal that prevents water from entering and destroying the mechanisms.

As you can see, using the correct lubrication grease helps maximize the life of your industrial hardware supply and machinery, and this in turn saves you lots of time, manpower and cuts down on costs. Needless to say, efficient and reliable machines increase productivity levels, and this respectively gives an outcome of greater profits for your industry.