Hammer Time: Discover the Most Common Types Out There

By Steven Harrisson, September 28, 2017

Perhaps it’s no power tool, but nevertheless a good hammer is an important part in your tool kit. While a nail gun can speed up tasks, it’s often more expensive and complicated to use and store. But the hammer can fit anywhere, whether in your car’s glove compartment or in your tool drawer, and it works right away without needing to be set up like a nail gun. There’s no doubt this tool has to be incredibly practical to remain in use for millions of years.


And as you might expect from something that has been around for millennia, today, there are many variations of the hammer. With so many different models of hammers for sale, finding the ideal tool for a particular job shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing you need to do is to properly asses your needs and become informed about the most common types of hammers out there.

The claw hammer is the basic type of this hand tool, the one people most often have lying around the house. It’s design allows it to have a double purpose – one hard surface meant for hitting, and a curved back part I a V shape meant for pulling nails out. The claw hammer can have a wooden or a metal handle, with some models featuring a rubber grip.

Not always are hammers being used to built something, sometimes they can come in handy for some well-meant destruction. A club hammer is a great tool for light demolition work, driving in masonry nails, and together with a steel chisel it can also be used for cutting stone or metal. It has the distinctive sledgehammer look, and that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as a mini-sledge.

The sledgehammer is the club hammer’s bigger, heavier, and more handsome cousin. Due to being very heavy, it needs to be manoeuvred with both hands. But all that weight comes with great power. With a sledgehammer you can completely tear down a drywall, and even breaking up stone, concrete, or masonry. Because of the great force this hammer delivers, it’s important to use protection gear on your eyes and hands.

Besides destroying, sometimes hammers are used to join things, like the joiner’s hammer does. This type of hammer is entirely out of wood, including its head. Carpenters and woodworkers use it to join two pieces of wood without scraping them or causing any damage. They are very light tools and give weak blows.

There are also some hammers for sale specifically designed for metalwork. The copper and hide hammers have a head made of copper and rawhide at the other end. This allows the handyman to shape metal without worrying that the hammer will live marks, like for instance working on a car bodywork.

At start, it might seem like all hammers are mostly the same. However, for such a simple tool hammers can have a uprisings amount of features. This explains the wide range of hammers for sale – some made for dealing with heavy duty nailing at construction sites or for professional woodworking, and others suitable for DIY projects and quick fixes around the house.