HDMI Cable – Explore The Advantages

By Steven Harrisson, December 19, 2014

The HDMI cable has become very popular in the past several years. That’s because it has the power to transfer digital signals in forms of pictures and sounds with more quality. Furthermore, it provides signal encoding and signal integrity to high definition equipment. Consisted of 19 separate wires, the HDMI cable is generally used to connect various digital devices, like computers and TV’s.


The digital interface is carried out in digital format, making the conversion unnecessary. Available in two different types – standard and high speed type, the HDMI cable offers many advantages. Read on to explore the benefits of the HDMI cable:

The HDMI cable allows various digital devices to be connected together much easier. One single HDMI cable has the capacity to replace several cables. With this cable, connecting and upgrading an entertaining system is much easier.

Pure digital performance. The HDMI cable transmits uncompressed audio-video data in 100 percent digital format. That provides an increased viewing experience with a great video accuracy and audiophile quality sound.

Authentication and encryption: The HDMI cable supports authentication. This ensures authorization for receiving the content sent by the HDMI enabled sources. Moreover, it allows authentication by ensuring that people cannot tap into the cables to copy the content sent through them.


Signal integrity. The HDMI cable enables digital signals to be stored, transmitted and viewed without any interference from other digital devices.

No compression. With a HDMI cable, there is no degradation in the signal quality. That’s because the HD signals are not compressed during the transmission.

Supports multiple video and audio formats. The HDMI cable supports multiple audio and video formats, such as standard stereo, multi channel surround sound, etc.

Compatibility with DVI. Since a HDMI cable allows DVI interface, it enables PC’s to send HD content to other digital devices.

Nowadays, HDMI is the standard cable for connecting HD equipment. Today, every HD television, DVR, Blu-ray disc player, etc, comes with at lest one HDMI output. Also, PC’s, laptops, gaming consoles, mobile devices and many other products, enable HDMI connection, giving you a bunch of choices for watching or listening HD content.