How To Create Asian-Inspired Interior That Screams Style And Serenity

By Ava Brown, September 29, 2014

In today’s modern time we live, lifestyle means fast and stressful. And all we want is to escape to a place that says serenity and relax. Thus, we end up spending a lot of money on spa centers and resorts when we can actually create such environment in our homes. Instead of waiting for a weekend, holiday or vacation to relax, why not turn your home into a peaceful and stylish place you can relax in every day and escape from this never-ending hectic lifestyle.

In order to create serenity interior, consider Asian style. Asian interior decorating style offers harmony and balance, and elegance that no other style does. Although creating an Asian-inspired interior requires more than just adding few Asian antiques, sometimes even that is enough. But for more sophisticated results, attention to details, precision and a creative mind are required.

Here are some tips to help you create Asian-inspired interior that screams style and serenity.


The perfect backdrop – Keep the backdrop as neutral as possible. White, gentle cream, light blues or even a graceful gray can work pretty fine. Or use an Asian antiques painting as a backdrop for a unique effect.

Interior design by Jamie Meares.  Shot for High Gloss Magazine

Energize with colour – Asian inspired interiors are complete only when you add a vibrant colour. For example, colour walls in beautiful pink, vibrant red or opulent purple which will stand out in the overall calm ambiance. Add few Asian antiques for added style.


Visual and textural balance – Balance is the main key of Asian style. Colours, textures and Asian antiques have to be in perfect harmony. Glass partitions, natural stone decorations, wooden floor, bamboo blinds, statues, organic textures, etc. counterbalance vibrant Asian colours.


Water feature – Water creates atmosphere of equilibrium and can be ease add in Asian style. According to Feng Shui (a knowledge that reveals how to balance the energy of a home to assure health and good fortune for people who live in it) a small water feature in the hallway adds comfort and will make your home feel warm and inviting. Also, water features can become the main point in a room.


Unification of styles – Asian design is a unification of several different styles – Japanese and Chinese. The Japanese style is simple, minimalist and closest to nature. It adds the Zen effect to the interior. The Chinese style is more opulent, expansive and grand. Few Asian antiques combined with few art pieces and rich textiles from Japan and China will help you create a true Asian style interior.