How to Write Great Love Poems

By Ava Brown, September 29, 2015

If anybody wants to write poems they don’t want to write just simple words, but some greatness. You might want to do it as well and that’s the main reason why you’re reading this. So, now we’ll discuss the art of poem writing.

love poems

Let’s discuss the biggest challenges when trying to write. Some of you might already know what the first one is, and for those who don’t the biggest challenge are the feelings. Poetry is of course written by humans and the problem with us, is that we don’t just feel one thing at a time. Love has a bit of fear in it, there a special hallucinating loneliness to misery and guilt. When the poet writes, the problem is to get all those feelings into a poem and that’s one of the hardest parts. For some, the challenge is to not write only love poems.

Try to avoid easy sentimentality and clichés. And in this day and age when even love is a cliché itself, turn it inside out and push it so far in that it explodes and turns into something different. Some writers convey intimacy and shut the reader out of the ecstatic feelings limned in the poem by lapsing into a dynamic akin to voyeurism and exhibition. And for some people the hardest thing is to navigate in the brave new world of the 21st century. Because we’re just now making up our collective minds on what is the meaning to be a man and what is the meaning to be a woman.

Bad love poems are bad because they’re trite, and that’s bad because they’re untrue. And untrue poems are bad because they are a waste of time and energy, and they somehow feel unjust. The problem again is the heart, even for the people who have always expressed the truth it’s hard to express this kind of truth. Some poems are bad because the author isn’t willing to find the edge. The thing with great love poems is that they live in a tense state. If the love has no tension, there is no tension it the poem. And love, no matter how perfect, is boring if there is no tension. Or maybe the poem is bad because it goes into a gauzy “soft focus” by ignoring to reveal details and refusing to specifically and accurately portray the true intimacy or the loved one. And you need to carefully strike a balance between the common and the particular for your love poem to be great.

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