Hunting Backpacks: Discover the Features That Make a Difference

By Steven Harrisson, June 10, 2019

There are numerous factors and features that can make a hunting backpack great. However, there are instances when one type may be perfect for you, but not for your friend. Personal needs and preferences play an important role too. Read through the following features carefully to get properly informed so you can purchase a backpack that checks all the boxes and avoid mistakes.

Size and Fit

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Generally speaking, there are two types of backpacks: single-day backpacks and the multi-day ones.
Backpacks that are more suitable for shorter trips (quite often one-day hunting trips) are smaller in size and much easier to carry around. They provide enough space for a spare change of clothes, some extra ammo, scopes and additional small sized gear. Contrary to this, multi-day hunting backpacks are larger, and if you are out hunting for more than a day or two, you will need more supplies, hence a bigger backpack. If you are comfortable wearing a larger backpack, you can load it with more than one change of clothes, bigger equipment pieces, water bottles and all things necessary for your hunting adventure. Be careful to opt for a model that fits the length of your torso, and once you put it on it is crucial that it meets your body line. Otherwise, you’ll be risking severe back pain.


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It is always recommended that you get a backpack that has the adjustability feature. This allows you to customize your backpack in accordance to your needs. Remember, there isn’t a size that fits all, you need to make it work for you. Details that can be customized are shoulder length for a better fit and an adjustable waist belt for proper back support. If you manage to get that perfect fit, you will feel that the backpack helps you maintain proper posture.


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When you look through all the features hunting backpacks come with, don’t forget the less prominent, but equally important details. These are here to make the whole experience much easier, and generally more enjoyable. I am talking about silent zippers – so you don’t scare the animal away, then a special weapon carrier, and a water bladder so that you can quench your thirst any time you need. And lastly, a large number of pockets – you never know when you will need some extra storage space.