In the Know: Protein Snack Food You Can Enjoy Even When on the Go

By Steven Harrisson, March 10, 2017

Nutrition is the key to a healthy life and it goes a long way in lowering the risk of heart diseases and improving your overall health.

Think of food as fuel. Nutrient-poor food (snacks included), is like fuel that runs hot and flames out quick. You’ll receive a quick jolt of energy followed by a crash which will leave you hungry, sleepy, cranky and unable to concentrate. Nutrient-rich snacks on the other hand, are like slow-burning fuel which will help you keep going all day. Healthy snacking can improve your mood, fight weight gain, increase brain power and give you the much needed energy to go on with your day.Protein Snack Food

Resisting the urge to reach for a burger, chips or candy when you’re having a “snack attack” can definitely make or break your stamina when it comes to changing your lifestyle, regardless of your age. Having several snacks a day will help you banish the post-meal sleepiness that comes from eating too many calories in a single sitting. Blood sugar dips up to five hours after eating, so small frequent snacks keep your metabolism revved up. Plus, if you include protein snacks, you’ll get an extra mental boost.

Moreover, avoiding extreme hunger will increase the likelihood of you choosing a healthy protein snack food instead of raiding the doughnut box or overeating a meal. Hunger puts your body into famine mode, which will slow your metabolism so you’ll gain weight. Opting for a healthy protein snack food every three to five hours will lower your urges to overeat. Having frequent meals and snacks is easy, the hard part is keeping them small, as we’re used to consuming large meals. Doing it this way will match your intake with your output which is better for your weight-control goals.

Here are a few examples of rich protein snack food which you can enjoy even when on the go.

  • Protein Cookies – Who doesn’t enjoy a cookie every once in a while? These cookies are all natural, no dairy, no cholesterol, high protein, fibre-rich protein snack food.
  • Protein Balls – Protein balls are rich in protein while containing low amounts of carbohydrates which makes it the perfect for those on a low carbohydrate eating diet.
  • Oatmeal – Visit your local coffee shop and ask for an extra empty cup with your coffee. Put a pack of oats in it, add hot water, stir it and enjoy a low-calorie, high protein and fibre serving.
  • Greek Yogurt – Contains double the protein and half the sugar of the regular yogurts. It’s great for the bones and saturates you well.
  • Protein Bars – Whole-grain protein bars contain a lot of protein, however, some are also loaded with calories, so you have to read the label carefully before buying them. Aim for a bar with about 20 grams of protein and at least 5 grams of fibre while having less than 15 grams of sugar.
  • Almonds – Almonds contain a lot of protein, and you can combine them with walnuts, apricots and get the perfect mix of fibre and protein.

We live in a society that’s commonly afflicted with heart strokes, attacks and chronic kidney diseases. All of these illnesses are caused by high blood pressure. As aforementioned, a high protein intake will lead to a lower blood pressure. Additionally, protein rich foods reduce bad cholesterol, so next time you crave a snack, make the right decision and opt for a protein rich one, or some sort of veggie, as every small food decision you make throughout the day plays a role in your overall health!